Sunday 31 May 2009

I received this award from the lovely Tams over at Droplets in a rusty bucket! She has now advertised my dodgy blog and I seem to have gained some more followers who I fear will be very disappointed by the quietness that is the unchatty pig!!!

Anyway I am meant to pass this on to 7 others apparently so I am passing it onto Choccy Orange and Sylphraven and Jamtart but not sure who else to give it to! Indeed these girls may already have had it!!

Apparently I also need to write 10 honest things about myself! Here goes ........

1. I have just returned from a caravan holiday in Devon with the family and I loved it!

2. I really want to start scrapbooking but not had the courage to actually do it.

3. I need to get back on the wagon and back dieting it starts tomorrow!

4. I enjoy loadsa American imported tv like Bones, Desperate Housewives and House.

5. I am trying to save money and am an avid follower of the thrifty gifty money making thread on MSE

6. I feel really blessed as I have a fantastic family and I love them loads

7. I don't really like having my photo taken and it was a big deal to get a profile pic on Facebook

8. I love pigs as I used to spend my weekends with them at the farm unit my school had

9. I hate ironing but have done more this year than in the rest of my life as have given up on the tumble drier (after it gave up on us!)

10. I am addicted to crafty bits and need to add some pics to this blog.... I WILL TRY HARDER!

Thursday 14 May 2009

More beautiful blog candy

I have just come across this great blog by Jacqui and she is offering some fab goodies there
tried to copy the pic of them but I am useless!!

So go see for yourself at

good luck with winning it!

Monday 4 May 2009

Fab candy!!!

Hi all who have managed to find my poorly attended and documented blog! I will get better honestly! I am planning to craft a couple of cards today and hope to reveal all very soon!

Anyway I have only popped in to tell you about cinders mcphees blog candy and it really is very yummy and even includes real candy in the form of gren and black choccy!! Double yummy scrummy! All is revealed here wishing you lotsa luck!