Sunday 5 February 2012

Story Telling Sunday February

We had been planning for a while, hoping that our wish would come true and we would have an addition to our family, making it complete.

As the delivery date due near we were sure it was a girl and we wondered what she would be like. How small would she be? What the colour of her eyes might be? How our lives would change once she was living with us? What would her name be and who would choose it?

The day she arrived at home, the house was buzzing with excitement. She was carried through the front door and introduced to her new home. She was tiny, totally cute, with big eyes and
from that moment on we knew she would be an important part of our family.

A name had been carefully chosen, there had been many possibilities but after much deliberation, DD had decided that 'Tinkerbell' would be perfect. (DS wasn't that interested really as he had only just turned one).

As we held her for the first time we noticed a small problem..... she was in fact a he!! DD felt we should still call him Tinkerbell but eventually compromised and we named him Tinker.

Ten years later Tinker is still part of the family, enjoying life with us even in the snow today.....

This snowy tale has been part of Sian's Story telling Sunday please visit her blog to see what all the other tellers of tale have to share today..... I still have lots to read!!

February Family 12 x 12 blog hop

Welcome to the February Family 12 x 12 blog hop hosted by the lovely Margie. Just a short hop this month and I am the final participant on the list.

I am determined to join in each month with a family snap, so I managed to get a group shot courtesy of a friend on January 1st.......... how keen was that!

After a fun NYE with friends we returned to Surrey to meet up with several other families and join in a walk. Unfortunately the heavens opened and we all ended up soaking wet, so saturated the rain went through all our layers! We stopped half way as some people had been sensible and brought money so they could buy a hot drink (sadly we were not among that number!!!)

I hope there are more flattering photographs taken the rest of the year! Thanks for joining us today, please bear with the list as we are an international group so timings can be a bit off here is the list of the Feb 5 FAMILY x 12 Blog Hop Participants

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