Sunday 4 December 2011

Story telling Sunday December

Christmas is a magical time, full of surprises, love and family. Growing up I spent my Christmas's with extended family at my Nanny's house in London. She was an amazing woman (I could fill a year of story telling Sundays with various exploits of hers) she worked as a dinner lady so catering for all of us on Christmas Day came easily to her. I have so many happy, loving, snuggly feelings from those years, but I do recall one more painful memory ......

As you may recall from previous shared posts, I was somewhat mischievous, some might even say naughty! (Still not sure how I made it onto Santa's nice list some years!!). This even extended to the festive period and this Christmas was no exception. I cannot recall exactly how old I was but I would guess at maybe 4.

My Nanny always received lots of Christmas Cards and they were hung on string across the tops of the wall and down from the door in the lounge. I was particularly interested in the cards on the door and kept pulling at them. My uncle chastised me a couple of tim
es and on the third telling off (I was ignoring him!!) he picked me up and removed me from the room. I immediately started screaming and crying and everyone assumed it was because I was embarrassed and frustrated to have been caught out. In actual fact I was in dreadful pain, my arm was really hurting me.

Eventually (after several minutes of wailing!) my parents realised I was injured and that it was serious enough to require medical attention. Now, it was Christmas Day and it was a white Christmas and my parents did not drive! So the only form of transport was a pushchair! I sat in the pushchair and more poor parents pushed me all the way to Kings Hospital in the deep s
now (I was still crying!) it was freezing cold and not an easy journey!

At casualty I can remember being taken into the room to have an xra
y and as they manipulated my arm to take the picture I screamed in absolute agony then felt no pain! My arm was painfree! A Christmas miracle....

Actually, when my uncle had picked me up he had accidentally dislocated a bone in my arm and when the radiographer had moved it, it popped back into place! Wow did I learn a lesson that Christmas and I have never pulled a Christmas card off a door since!

I am so happy to have joined in the final installment of Sian's Story Telling Sunday.

I would like to offer a blog reader a little Christmas Candy........

stickers (there are 3 packets of these all identical, vintage style stickers)

and a set of mini embossing folders

Please leave a comment here before Saturday 10th December and I will send a little package out to the winner (hopefully in time for Christmas! and I will send worldwide) xxx

Saturday 19 November 2011

weaving and banners

I have really enjoyed all the prompts and ideas from Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party it has been a great class and I am still working my way through it. I have printed all the prompts out and added notes to them all so I will continue to use all the lessons from class as inspiration.

Last week there was a great weekend of challenges and ideas incorporating some of PPP but on a Christmas theme. I wasn't feeling too well so I didn't join in very much but I did manage to make this card

based on the weaving idea I used up some unloved blue'ish Christmas papers and created a woven shape that was glued onto a snowflake embossed card. Continuing with the snowflake theme I added some Martha Stewart punched shapes in a pale blue glittered paper. I am not too sure how much I like this card as I tend to be quite traditional in my Christmas colours but I think I like the overall effect (and I used some of those papers which has to be a good thing right???)

Another challenge was all about banners. People are so creative with what they make and how they decorate these hanging works of art. As I wasn't feeling too great I went for the easy option and used some lovely stash that I had bought from Craftwork Cards. Although it is designed for Christmas, several pieces could be used through out the year, so I decided to use some of the Christmas specific bits. The banner shapes are all die cut so really easy to pop out, I added some Candi and some green alphas (from my stash) and put this together....

I have strung it across the fireplace to show you how it looks but I think I might take it into work to decorate a shelf in the office I share. Here is a close up.....

it simply says 'Happy Christmas' I was going to do Merry but realized I didn't have enough 'R's!! This is about all the Christmas crafting I have done so far this year but hope to do some more soon.

I am looking forward to
  • checking out more of the Christmas preparations everyone is doing
  • starting JYC (determined to do it this year and finally decided to do 6x6)
  • Bloggers weekend in Telford next week!!!

Sunday 6 November 2011

Story telling Sunday

Last month on Story Telling Sunday I shared this story of my love of pigs and briefly mentioned an event involving a fire, I said I would be back to tell you more and here I am .... just!

I love fires, I would really like a 'real fire' in my lounge (or in any room for that matter!) but I live in a modern house and it would cost lots of ££££'s to have a chimney put in so in the meantime I pretend with gas and this fireplace (dressed up for Halloween!)

I really really like Bonfires and love sitting or standing around a bonfire outside in the dark. This makes 'Bonfire Night' a fun evening for me. Bonfire night is also known as Guy Fawkes Night and for some reason we commemorate this man's attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 ... he failed and maybe that is why it is a celebration! Traditionally it is an evening filled with fireworks, sparklers, a fire and fun food.
DS poses with a sparkler...

November 5th is the date this happens which was yesterday. I travelled to see my parents and my dad had a huge pile of garden debris to burn so we had a fabulous fire that was still smouldering when I left their house this afternoon.

Dad was feeling good, though he only finished his third cycle of chemotherapy a few hours before this picture was taken (sadly today he is feeling much worse, lacking in energy, tired but unable to sleep and constantly queasy). We had a houseful with 19 of us sharing yummy homemade food (jacket spuds, 'bangers', chilli, curry followed by trifle, key lime pie, caramel crunch mmmm my mouth waters as I type!) We spent a lot of time laughing and chatting with the TV turned off, enjoying each other's company, playing Rummikub and catching up with all the news across the generations. Loving family gatherings at the moment, so grateful that we can all get together (though my hubby was a bit poorly so stayed home especially as Dad is vulnerable to infections at the moment). We all stirred the Christmas pudding too, traditions are important and help make memories (see this post for info on Stir up Sunday)

My dad reminded my of my first venture into pyromania when I was probably just 2 years old. I cannot remember this time at all, but apparently I managed to turn on a heater in the bedroom next to my sisters cot (she would only have been 1 at the time) and the cot and the
mattress actually caught fire!! Thank goodness my parents discovered the burning bed before any serious harm was done!

Luckily I have never caused any serious damage since that time (at least I don't think so!)

I am looking forward to catching up with everyone else's 'Story Telling Sunday' brought to you from the superb Sian From High in the Sky pop over and check it out xxx

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party

I am just about managing to keep up with class so far which is amazing for me! I have loved receiving the prompts which really are totally making sense and giving me clear ideas on how to actually use the papers in my stash. The sketches are great, Shimelle's bonus video today was sooooo amazing and looking through the forum there are a whole bunch of very talented scrappers out there (I have started to follow new inspiring blogs too!)

The first prompt encouraged us to use up strips of scrap paper and I loved the sketch for this LO, so found it fairly easy to put together (tho it still took me some time!) Note the little heart has been moved from the photo, this is just covering up the name of the school.

The second prompt was about using patterned paper as the background. I kind of cheated a bit on this one as for both prompts I used the same base, which is from a set that I was given and immediately took a dislike to. So I decided to use the subtlety patterned paper in both to kind of tie the 2 together as the both pages tell the same story...1st day at school.

I also cut out the flowers from another sheet in the set as I normally don't do flowers/florals so getting out of my comfort zone is a good thing to try. But I am not really sure that it works on this page... what do you think? I am really happy to be scrapping again and to be using up some of those piles of papers and scraps! I will be doing more soon hopefully.

I now need to try and get a 'kit' together for prompt 3 but real life is getting in the way. DS is poorly and has a broken arm (again!), DH has had to stay away with work unexpectedly, DD is on a school trip in France, Dad was due his second bout of chemotherapy today but they were unable to get his permanent IV line in so he has to be admitted to the chemo unit. I have a full day at work tomorrow, hoping DS manages a full day at school as he hasn't so far this week, bless him. Looking on the bright side, if I have to take time off work I may get to indulge myself sorting through those patterned papers!

Monday 17 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party

Today is the start of a new Shimelle class called 'Pretty Paper Party' of course I could not resist the temptation and signed up immediately I received the invitation, especially as I have literally stacks of pretty papers unused in my stash.

Shimelle set us an icebreaker today all about our paper collections asking us to share what sort of paper person we are. I really think I can fit into 'The Paper collector' and 'the scrap sorter' but I have invented my own new category which is 'the Paper Procrastinator'! I often find that I just stare at all my papers hoping for inspiration, looking at one trying to figure out if I should use it, stroking another, then considering even more. Eventually I realise a couple of hours have passed and I still haven't settled on which papers to use.

Here are some snaps of the paper I have......A shelf of 6x6, 8x8, photo mats and other smaller pieces of paper and card

a shelf with the upside down folder used for scraps and a pile of 'have to keep as may come in useful' random bits of paper and card that obviously needs tidying!
a pile of 12x12's waiting to be put away

a shelf with mostly 12x12's that needs sorting

I am so glad to be part of this fantastic pretty paper party (and I think I have fixed the glitches on this post!) I really look forward to the daily inspiration and the challenges of class. I need to tackle tidying, sorting and using my stash and I hope to take an active part and might actually complete this one (I have never finished one so far!)
I look forward to seeing some of you in class ..... I will be the naughty one sitting at the back! xxx

Monday 3 October 2011

HIya everyone!
Seeing as it is my birthday I will join in with the A-Z of me I have seen on many other blogs.... you never know you may even learn some new things about me!

A. Age: over 40 .... it is my birthday today!!
B. Bed size: King
C. Chore that you hate: probably Ironing but not keen on any housework to be honest!
D. Dogs:would like one one day as it would mean I walked everyday
E. Essential start to your day: a cup of black tea
F. Favourite colour: brown or green or browny green!
G. Gold or Silver: gold as too pale for silver although my wedding ring is platinum!
H. Height: 5’8.5”
I. Instruments you play: I used to play the violin, recorder, treble, clarinet, piano, bugle and the only one I play occasionally now is the guitar.
J. Job title: Nurse practitioner/ clinical nurse specialist
K. Kids: DS and DD
L. Live: Surrey, United Kingdom
M. Mother’s name: Mum
N. Nicknames: Furrypig
O. Overnight hospital stays: 2 ear ops as a child, appendicectomy, hysterectomy
P. Pet peeves: cold callers on the telephone, ignorance and rudeness
Q. Quote from a movie: cannot think of one!
R. Right or left handed: Right handed
S. Siblings: one sister
T. Tattoos: none
U. Underwear: usually!
V. Vegetable you hate: none I hate
W. What makes you run late: other people!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth, knee, arm, ear
Y. Yummy food that you make: cupcakes, pineapple muffins, christmas pudding etc etc
Z. Zoo animal: ooh tricky one love seeing animals but prefer them wandering around.

Hoping to read some of your A-Z lists soon xxx

Sunday 2 October 2011

Story telling Sunday

My username on forums and here on blogger is 'Furrypig'. It also forms part of my email address and often leads to either strange looks or questions about the origins of the name.

Many years ago I attended a comprehensive school in Essex (I hasten to add I am not a true Essex girl having been born in Newcastle and spent most of my life away from the county!). Anyway my school had a fantastic farm unit with several breeds of farm animals and this included pigs. I fell in love with the pigs, such intelligent creatures, more clever than dogs and so protective once they have young... as the bite marks in a pair of Wellington boots demonstrated!

I used to go each weekend to help clean the pig sties out with my friend Mandy, overseen by a teacher and an older student called Nigel. The song 'Making Plans for Nigel' was popular at the time and we used to sing it to Nigel as we worked. Sometimes we mucked about and one week we were very silly as Mandy and I found some matches and set some of the straw alight. It went up in flames pretty quickly, but fortunately Nigel was there to put it out and save the day ( this was not my first misadventure into the realms of Pyromania, please return next month to read more about it on Story Telling Sunday on November 5th 'Bonfire Night'!!)

As I grew up I ended up collecting pig ornaments, pictures, postcards and most years receiving a birthday card with a pig on it somewhere (tomorrow is my birthday so I will let you know if the pig cards are still arriving after all theses years!). If anything had a pig on it, I probably would have had it. When I applied for university I put down on my application about my pig collection and one very serious chemistry professor was very interested, asking how many I had and where I kept them. It was only when he looked completely surprised when I said I kept over a hundred pigs in my bedroom that I realised he had thought I actually had a real herd of pigs!

Although my large collection of pig paraphernalia is long gone, there is evidence of pigs in my home to this day. I have some pig stamps I can craft with and have been sent several fabulous hand made pig cards since I started card making. Pigs are still my favourite animal and my heart fills with joy whenever and wherever I see pigs. My daughter thought
of the name 'Furrypig' as a joke several years ago and we cannot remember how it came up but I pinched the name as it is pretty unique and use it wherever I travel on the internet.

On a trip to Dorset earlier this year we came across some piglets (see above photos) and a glorious great big huge mother Sow. Unfortunately, previously mentioned daughter (now several years older!!) used this photo to 'tag me' on Facebook so my pig fame is spreading..... and yes there may be a resemblance!!

Please head over to Sian's blog for more tall tales on Story Telling Sunday

Lotsa love Furrypig xxx

Monday 26 September 2011

Creative Craft World card challenge with an Autumn theme

I have been invited to be a guest designer this week over at the Challenge Blog for Creative Craft World. The theme is Autumn, this could be an Autumnal image or stamp or the use of Autumnal colours on your card.

The sponsor is the Stamping Boutique and I was given a cute image to use on my card of Audrey the farmer.

As you can see I have stuck to Autumnal colours which I love and for me Autumn is the season of leaves so I had to add a few to the embossed frame I made to compliment the wonderful image.

Thank you to Oona the DT organiser/co-ordinator at CCW for having me this week, it has been a real pleasure to create a card again as part of a DT (I think I have missed it a wee bit!). Please pop over to CCW to see all the wonderful cards that the real DT have made and don't forget to join in the challenge.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

September Family Blog Hop x 12

Long time no see fellow blog followers! I have had a busy summer for lots of different reasons but overall it has been a good one and I hope to catch up with blogging again soon, especially as LSNED is now in full swing!

Anyway, back to todays blog hop (I now realise this was actually yesterdays blog hop so I apologise to everyone for getting the date wrong and spoiling the hop but I am finally here!).

Margie has organised us all again into posting our family photos for the month of August, I had the choice of 3, all taken in Antigua, and I almost went for the shot of the 4 of us on a boat looking out to see but instead I have gone for the view (and us!) from the top of 'Bird Island'. We were on a boat trip, which was our best day out in Antigua and we snorkelled, swam, explored caves and rocks, thus we are all in swimwear!

Please visit everyone elses blogs to see their August family photographs

Melissa - you are here

thank you xxx

Friday 5 August 2011

August Family x 12 blog hop

Welcome everyone to my blog as you join in this month's blog hop organised by Margie. Check out her blog here for more information from June, to see what it is all about and hopefully to get you joining us month by month as we share our 'family' photos.

Hopefully you will have found me via Carol Anne's blog, if not please see the list below so you know where to start and end (or if you get lost!)

Carol Anne

I have a real hatred of photos of me and I am very critical of them and tend to delete the majority of snaps that feature my ugly mug! So this monthly photo experience is not easy for me but I think it is really important as I am recording the memory of the four of us as time goes by.

Currently I do not have access to my June Family photo but this is my July photo. Quickly taken on a golf course in Antigua via self timer..... the children were not very amused and wanted to get back to the pool/beach/ anything other than another photo!

Please go over to Patricia's blog here to see her July family portrait.

Hopefully I will have a chance to visit all your blogs again soon xxx

Sunday 31 July 2011

Jemma's Blogiversary Hop

Hi everyone and welcome to the blog hop organised by Jemma over at Just Jimjams to celebrate her blogs first birthday..... congratulations Jemma xxx

As you go from blog to blog you need to collect a number from each of Jimjams' Blogiversary friends, putting them in numerical order and then e-mail her with the number which is missing from the sequence. What fun!

You should have come to my blog via the lovely Sandie at Itchifingers.

I am actually writing this at the end of my holiday and hoping it will autopost on time (so sorry if I have run late or early!) Would you like to guess where I am with some clues????

It took about 8 hours to fly here direct with British Airways

The temperature here is pretty constant between 80 and 90 degrees but we have had quite a lot of rain too! We are using factor 50 especially after my skin cancer last year!

The first language is English, though French, Dutch and Spanish are in the top 4 languages.

We are staying with friends in their lovely apartment with a great pool. It is more expensive than the UK with lots of prices in US $ though we are not in the USA.

There is an amazing variety of wildlife including mongoose, geckos and lizards, land crabs, humming birds cockroaches and mosquitos (I have been bitten a lot!) on the land and the sea is teeming with marine life... ideal for snorkelling.

Ok time for some easier clues...

We are 5 hours behind the UK here

The currency is EC $

There is locally brewed beer and rum readily available.

I am on an island with 365 beaches allegedly!

The capital is St Johns.

I think you have it now....

I am in Antigua!! What a beautiful place to be holidaying we are very lucky, especially as whilst we have been away we have had a shower rebuilt and lots of work done at home!

I just wanted to add that before we came away I was able to see my Dad and he is making an excellent recovery after his surgery and has been a star patient. He is due to see the consultant today for the results and to plan the future (ie see if he needs chemotherapy etc etc) Thanks again for all your best wishes, thoughts and prayers.

So thank you for visiting my blog on this Blogiversary Hop. My number is 23 and you need to head over to the wonderful Sian at From High in the Sky to collect the next one. Enjoy your hopping, meanwhile I need to get back to this.....

EDIT ...... I am very sorry that this post has gone out early .... whoops! Jemma's blog hop starts in the early hours of August 1st but blogger has misbehaved and posted this at the wrong time! So please come back and join in the hopping tomorrow morning instead!

Sunday 10 July 2011

ten things on the tenth

I have been thinking about what to write for my 'ten things' for a couple of days as so much is going on in my life at the moment and I have lots of things on my mind with loads happening! Then it struck me, I could simply share the ten major things that have happened in the last ten days!

1. As many of you will be aware, my darling Dad had an important hospital appointment this week (see this post). I thank each and everyone of you that have held him, the family and me in your thoughts and prayers it is really appreciated. The diagnosis of cancer was confirmed but initially they were unable to say if there were signs of secondary cancer in the liver. We had a tough 24 hours waiting for the radiologists/oncolgists/surgeons joint expert opinion saying the liver was fine (hurray some good news!) He had to go to the hospital 4 times last week, has 2 medical appointments this week and then admission for about a week. Please continue to pray, send positive vibes and thoughts and think of him thank you xxx I am grateful for health care professionals and access to technology and treatment.

2. Today my Dad's best friend passed away unexpectedly. A huge shock for us all as he was a wonderful man who had been through a lot healthwise. When he had been in hospital and in the rehabilitation unit my dad visited regularly and played cards with him. He is now in Heaven and I have asked my Dad not to plan any card games with him any time soon. I am grateful for having him in my life as I grew up and that we shared a holiday with him and his wife last year.

3. Following the post about my dad I was sent a 'hug' through the mail.
How cute is that card and a lovely surprise from K. I am grateful for hugs.

4. DH, DS and I had a great day out to Leith Hill the highest point in SE England. On a clear day you can see Gatwick and Heathrow airports and even the English Channel (though we didn't manage it despite trying!)

I am grateful for days of sunshine and time together.

5. DS took part in his first 'Bikeathon' and completed 12 miles easily (plus the miles to and from the race start/finish) I was very proud. I am grateful for DH taking him cycling.

6. I received a Pay it Forward gift from my cousin in law with a beautiful card. I love brown so the bracelet was perfect. I am grateful for family, especially the crafty ones (see her blog here)

7. I attended a 4 hour beginners photography course a cheap deal from Groupon. I think full price would have made it rather expensive but at the reduced rate it was a real treat, I used the DSLR and now understand F numbers, ISO, apertures, shutter speed and can even alter them according to conditions! I am grateful for cameras and making new friends (2 lovely ladies who both scrapbook attended the course, I have photos of them as I practised my shots but they may not wish me to publish them here!)

8. A package arrived full of crafty goodies and even some sweets, something else to brighten my day, from Craft Fairy (very talented crafter found here) I am very grateful for blog candy and blog friends.

9. DD celebrated her birthday early, inviting 20 girls for a 'water party' in the garden followed by a BBQ. Luckily the great British weather (predicted to be heavy rain) only contributed a slight drizzle and the party went ahead without a hitch. I am grateful for sunshine and foam machines.

DD and I had a great time making lots of cupcakes for her birthday coffee, vanilla and chocolate they were really yummy, though not very good for my diet! (I am grateful I lost 2 lbs this week)

I also put together little party bags with presents, which were fun to make and looked cute. I am grateful for handmade goodness and a cupcake making daughter.

10. Handmade Hannah not only stocks some amazing scrapbook supplies but she sends them promptly, beautifully packaged with a handmade card. I cannot wait to use some of my lovely new supplies so watch this space and I will share more soon from the grab boxes. I am grateful for the personal touch and for new crafty stash.

In the ups and some major downs of the last 10 days, there are many things to be grateful for. I am grateful for the internet, for blogs and for you. Thank you for visiting my small part of the world and joining in my rollercoaster ride, which I think is continuing for the next ten days, but that is a whole other story...................... xxx

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Pass the book

So it is definitely my turn to 'Pass the book'. Have you been following all the books transversing the globe?? This 'novel' idea (did you see my play on words there???) was started almost a year ago by the fabby Sian, From High in the Sky and many people have benefited from a book dropping through their post box, read all about it here.

I received Creative Wildfire by LK Ludwig back in May, then promptly forgot all about it! Sorry everyone, but finally and somewhat belatedly I am offering the book to the next person! I received the book from Quicksave, she is one of those crafters who seems to be able to turn their hand to anything crafty and produce amazing creations. Her blog is always full of new ideas that she has tried and I love finding out what she has been up to.

Me, well I don't actually consider myself that crafty at all! I love the idea of trying things out and might even get as far as buying some materials for a project, but they are often just left neglected on the shelf! So Creative Wildfire 'an introduction to art journalling - basics and beyond' was totally new to me and I wasn't sure what to expect.

I read the book with an open mind, probably having some pre-conceived ideas about art journalling. I have seen some amazing art journalling on blogs but have often thought it was 'out of my league'. Now I think there are some aspects of art journalling that I could probably do and some that I actually want to try! There are many different styles and I think I might be able to find mine, as I really liked some artists work in the book and definitely didn't take to some!

The main thing I want to try is really simple, I just want to try using the scraping technique with acrylic paint on paper and to look at different sources of paper and mix and match them as I glue them to a page.

After reading the book I wrote 'I loathe some styles of art journalling and makes me think it isn't for me but I do like some styles. Some basic ideas could be incorporated into paper arts that I would use eg scrapbooking and possibly cardmaking. I have lots of acrylic paints that I have never used! So I will look at them and definitely try scraped paint technique'.

So if you would like the chance to read this bok please leave a comment and a random name will be chosen. I will chose a name on Sunday 10th July and hopefully post out the book the next week. Thanks xxx

Sunday 3 July 2011

Story Telling Sunday

Welcome to my third time taking part in the epic adventure that is Story Telling Sunday courtesy of the now legendary Story Teller herself Sian from High in the Sky. Visit her amazing blog to discover the other eloquent tales that await your perusal.

Today's story is true, heartfelt and is written with tears and love, so you may want to skip this tale today, as it is not a funny one this month!

I have been spending a great deal of time thinking of someone special to me recently, they are without doubt one of the major influences in my life, and always have been. He has always been there for me and growing up he was a great role model of how a real man should be in every sense of the word. I particularly admired his self control, rarely shouting, remaining calm when I had done something outrageous and naughty (yet again!) and obviously having a real sense of love and family loyalty. I remember being totally shocked to see him cry when his best friend had passed away.

A few years ago, whilst on holiday, he had a massive heart attack completely out of the blue. He is pretty fit as he doesn't drive and walks everywhere, has never smoked, is a minimal drinker and has a healthy lifestyle generally. Unfortunately you cannot change your genetic make up. He was given a 20% chance of surviving a year and we were all shocked and stunned as his heart was too badly damaged for bypass surgery to even help. He is a survivor and nearly 5 years later he is still with us and still very active especially in his massive garden.

This special person is my Dad, I saw him in June and we took him and mum out for lunch to celebrate fathers day and my mums upcoming birthday. In the end the meal for 6 became a meal for 14 which was perfect! My dad usually cooks Sunday lunch so it was good for him to have the day off and enjoy the company without all the work.

On my mum's birthday, my dad had a colonoscopy following an abnormal result on a screening test. They found a tumour, which is believed to be malignant, biopsies were taken. He is having a CT scan on Tuesday and seeing the consultant on Wednesday. Yet again my world has been shaken and their is so much uncertainty and waiting.

My parents are both Christians and have tirelessly supported their local Baptist Church despite the numbers decreasing and not having a minister, over many years. I attended their Church, when I was last home and my Dad was preaching, lowering the average age of the congregation by about 30 years!!! I love to listen to him especially if he shares stories of his childhood to illustrate a point. Their faith is really really important to them and my Dad knows for sure where he is going and is calmly facing whatever the futures holds. I rarely go to church now, though I do still believe, but sometimes I get angry that such a good man has to suffer in this way, and it is really tough on my Mum who has her own health problems to deal with.

My immediate family know, but I have only really told one friend, I haven't wanted to speak about it with anyone else. But I think it is good to share it with you, when I heard the news I actually wanted to contact one particular blog writer as I knew she had been through a similar experience and I keep thinking of her, she may read this and I hope she will know I empathise with her. I hope I can be supportive to my parents as she has been as I really admire what she has achieved. I hope you know who you are. I am grateful to blog friends, sharing stories and experiences with them, even the more difficult ones.

Thank you xxx

Sunday 26 June 2011

IDIC card making challenge 'Mid year Christmas'

Sadly this is my final challenge as part of I Did It Creations Design Team, I have had a blast using all the amazing images to create cards.

It is very fitting that my final challenge is sponsored by Robyn's Fetish and this week's theme at IDIC is Christmas. So the perfect opportunity to start making your Christmas cards if you haven't done so already!

I chose Paul Penguin Sleighing (available here) as he is super cute and fun to colour in!

I have used a Craftwork card as the base then added a few papers and the image, topped off with some sparkly snowflakes and I have left a space for a Christmas sentiment.

Thanks for following my card making exploits and I hope you continue to visit IDIC and the new design team and do pop back here to see what I am up to, Thanks to IDIC for all the months creating with the DT xxx

Sunday 19 June 2011

IDIC card making challenge 'Retro 1970's'

Hey fab and groovy people reading my blog, are you gonna join in at the hip and happening Retro challenge over at IDIC this week??

We are sponsored by Digi's with Attitude and I have gone all hippy with lots of flower power on my penultimate card as part of the DT.

Sending you love and peace and hoping you will chill out with us at IDIC this week xxx

Sunday 12 June 2011

IDIC card making challenge 'Birds'

Another great challenge at IDIC and this week it is birds, we have been sponsored by Hope Jacare Doodles. I chose to use Dove of Peace (available here), which is actually a Christmas image, but I think it works perfectly for a non holiday card.

I hope you will join the team at IDIC this week, I only have 2 more cards to make this month, then I will no longer be part of IDIC's DT so Sundays will never be the same again!

On another note 30 days of phoyography day 11 is 'something blue' and my card fit the bill perfectly!

Saturday 11 June 2011

June Family x 12 blog hop

Greetings to everyone visiting my little bit of the world wide web, as part of this months blog hop organised by the wonderful Margie. This first hop was in May and there are more participants this month so it is getting more exciting!!

Each month we are sharing a photo of what we call 'family'. I really enjoyed visiting all the other blogs and getting to know the 'families' and cannot wait to catch up with everyone this month.

My photo was taken on the last day in May that we were all together. It was after DS's birthday party at Lazerquest, thus the hot and sweaty look. He left the next morning for cub camp, so we took this opportunity...

I grabbed a friend and asked her to snap a few pictures of us in the back garden and this was the best of the bunch and the only family photo we managed for the month of May! Hopefully I will have more to choose from for June, although I haven't taken any yet!!

This is the blog hop in case you get lost! You should have come here from Carol Anne's blog....

Carol Anne

enjoy hopping around, but for now please head to Jo's blog to see her family photo from May.

Thursday 9 June 2011

10 things

Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers classmates have received some additional lessons and instructions from Shimelle this week which has been a huge bonus! It is always great to see an email from Shimelle waiting to be read in my inbox, they are packed full of information in PDF or video format (or both) and a fab source of inspiration.

Today Shimelle is hosting a new venture, hopefully the first of many, a monthly blog event on the 10th of each month aptly named '10 Things'. I love joining in with fun bloggy based adventures especially when they are international and I will get to see what all my classmates have posted from across the globe (there are some amazing people from this class and I have loved finding and following their blogs, so I can't wait to get home from work and start hopping around the world visitng them all!)

I knew immediately what I would share with you all, I just hope you don't find it tooooo boring! Recently I came across this blog announcing a 30 day photography challenge for the month of June. I decided it would be fun to join in and so far, I have managed to take a photograph from the list each day as instructed. So here are my 10 photos for the first 10 days of June......

Day 1 self portrait

slightly blurry but at least I am smiling (I really do not like pics of me!)

Day 2 what you wore today

took a snap of my work wear (nursing without a uniform)

and my evening wear (drinks with the girls)

Day 3 clouds simple

Day 4 something green
plant bought as a house warming present for a friend

Day 5 from a high angle

view down to back garden in the rain

Day 6 view from low angle

almost forgot to take this one, so took it late at night on the floor on a hopscotch rug, number 6 for the 6th photo!

Day 7 fruitfamily favourite bananas

Day 8 a bad habit
there are so many but I went for wine!

Day 9 someone you love

the girl (hiding as usual!)

and the boy

Day 10 a childhood memory

currently reading this book and it is set when I was at school and talks a lot about David Cassidy who I really had a huge crush on (I'm just a day dreamer, walking in the rain..... tra la la la la) I also liked the Osmonds, Bay City Rollers etc etc ( remember I was very young!!!)

I hope you have managed to stick with this long post, thank you if you have survived to the end!! Please join me in visiting Shimelle's amazing inspirational blog to see everyone elses '10 things'.