Tuesday 29 March 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 6

This prompt is all about setting goals. Wow what a great prompt! There are always goals to set, plans to be made, wishes and dreams to fufill!

For today I am going to share my year 2011 phrase which is 'SORT OUT' it really covers a multitude of sins and I am building my goals around this. I want to 'sort out' so many different aspects of my life and I suspect a year is not long enough to achieve everything that I want to. I want to sort out home, work, thoughts, money, and crafting!!!

This fantastic mini poster was made for me by the very generous and talented Helena (you can see her blog here) as part of my Pay it Forward from her (I will show you the rest of my fab pressie in another post I loved it all so a hug belated thank you Helena xxx) So I have a constant reminder of my goal! We have never met and yet she has shown me real kindness in handmaking beautiful papercrafts, personalised especially for me.

I might be brave and post a picture of my crafty area tomorrow so you can all see how much I need to sort out ...... it's a mess! I could post a picture of the piles of books that I want to read, but the book shelves are overflowing! Or I could show you the inside of a cupboard stuffed with stuff!! It might shame me into fixing things or I might just feel too overwhelmed by the enormity of what I need and want to sort out!

On a lighter note I planned to read 52 books in 52 weeks this year, I am actually quite behind! I also want to make many more LO's as have only managed 2 so far this year. I didn't read any books, scrap or have a life in January as I was finishing all my work (there was tonnes!) for my Non Medical Prescribing course a Uni. So have only been catching up in Feb and March......

By the way I heard yesterday that I PASSED!!! YIPPEEEEEE!! I have a shiny new qualification to register with the NMC.

looking forward to reading about your goals and what keeps you motivated and any tips you have for me! xxx

Monday 28 March 2011

What are you reading???

I am so pleased that I can actually join in again with 'It's Monday, what are you reading?', as I have actually been managing to read books during the last couple of weeks and I need to choose another one to get into! Head on over to here to see what all the dedicated readers have been blogging about this week.

I have just read Another Day by David Nicholls, this was chosen by my book group and we are meeting tonight to dicuss it. I already know that one of the other mums (we set the book group up 5 years ago for a few of us mums to get together and mull over literary works) thinks that this is the best book we have ever read. I don't agree! My faves reamain untarnished (Time Travellers Wife and a thousand splendid suns) but I did quit enjoy it. Another mum texted to say she had found it hard, again I disagree, I found it an easy read but it wasn't a book I felt I couldn't put down although I did read it in just a few days.

The book spans 2 decades and focuses on two main characters Emma and Dexter, who met at University in Scotland in the late 80's. It is a story focusing on just one day each year (St Swithins Day) and is about the relationship and on/off closeness and friendship they have for each other. Dexter becomes a high flier, presenting a trendy TV programme, whilst Emma struggles to work out wha she wants to do and at one point is working in a Mexican restaurant!

The story is interspersed with lashings of humour and you will find yourself laughing out loud, some aspects of it I found unbelievable but other issues covered were very realistic, partly I suspect as I am a similar (though younger!!) age to the characters! the book is now a film and I would love to see howit flows as at times, I found the book slightly disjointed as you jump from one year and storyline to the next, though overall this was not a problem.

I would love to know if you have read this book and what you thought. What are you reading today? What would you recommend to me??

Sunday 27 March 2011

IDIC card making challenge 'pink and purple'

Another challenge on IDIC, this week sponsored by Stitchy Stamps and I chose the gorgeous rabbit 'Bunny Flop' which is available here.

The theme is pink and purple and I have used papers and promarkers to achieve this. I plan on adding a sentiment once I decide what or who the card is for.
Looking forward to seeing you over on IDIC xxx

Saturday 26 March 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 5

In the garden today .............
a cat up high
and down low

mini daffodilsmy favourite tree in bloom

with a bumble bee

Friday 25 March 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 4

Meaning from the Mundane is the thought for prompt 4, which is actually a really useful idea as it makes you think of something ordinary, with the view to turn it into something extraordinary!

Today was in theory, on paper, a fairly boring day I had to go on over 100 miles (round trip) to attend a meeting. Even when applying this prompt it isn't exactly exciting but I did try to think more about what was going on and share some of my observations.

Firstly, I used my sat nav to help me find my destination. I have a farily innocuous (?spelling?) female voice on my sat nav and I actually talk to 'her'. When she keeps telling me to turn left I reply! She isn't always very accurate with her directions and sometimes I get confused but I always get there in the end. It has made me a little lazy as I rarely check maps to plan my journey which is sometimes a mistake if the sat nav decides not to work, luckily today this wasn't the case. What do you think of satnavs and GPS technologies?

Today was actually really beautiful in my part of the UK and the temperature reached 17 degrees according to the car thermometer thingy. It did make the drive more pleasurable though I was sorry not to be outside enjoing the mild weather. The sunshine shone brightly as I travelled and the countryside I drove through often appeared quite idyllic with fields, trees, flowers and birds (lots of pheasants around this year for some reason?).

I spent a lot of my time looking at the steering wheel, the clock, the speedometer and of course the satnav! I did look at signs and the traffic ahead of me and at one point actually had to stop on the A3 because of road works. Stuck in a traffic jam! But I was listening to the radio, another secret favourite about to be revealed... I listen to Radio 1!! I think I am still young and hip, so I do like to catch up with al the modern contemporary popular culture and musical events lol! In fact I had the volume up quite high playing a few older classics and singing along so I probably amused some of my fellow 'stuck-in-traffic-on-a-beautiful-day' people! I was jiggin around to a couple of hip and trendy songs!!

Once we got going again I became aware of the really annoying driver (actually there are more than one of these) I decided I was fairly placid on the way to the meeting but on the way home, anxious to collect DS after his 4 nights away on a school trip and wanting to start the weekend, I turned into a different sort of driver (not quite worked up into any sort of road rage tho!)
There is the driver who seems fairly cautious who just sits in the lane ahead of me going the same speed as the driver in the lane next to us ie about 20 miles under the speed limit, he should pull over into the slower lane and let me pass!! Or I am going at the maximum speed (possibly slightly over) and I have someone tailgating me, literally 2 inches from the back of the car (or that's how it looks in the rear view mirror!!) Why?? What are they hoping to gain??

My meeting was quite interesting with a couple of speakers and a chance to catch up with other nurses in similar jobs across a large region. The meeting was held at the Sussex Beacon, which is a care centre for people with HIV/AIDS. It is in a beautiful setting and is run by truely beautiful people. I am so glad we meet there to help support this worthwhile organisation. Funding is being cut all the time in the NHS which makes it even more difficult for centres like this to run.

So the end of an uneventful day in many ways, just another day, but the first day of the rest of my life and it was a good one! Glad to have my boy back at home, happy to have seen countryside and sunshine and so pleased it is the weekend and I can glug some NZ Savignon Blanc..... xxx

Thursday 24 March 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 3

Day 3 brings us 'playing favourites', I really liked reading this prompt and think it is one I might actually make a scrapbook page about. It is a great idea for preserving memories of the here and now.

What are your favourites? It is like the questions young children ask.... what is your favourite colour? ......what is your favourite animal? In fact I can see several possible pages being made from this prompt as different people could set the questions and there could be a variety of folk answering them!!

Or there could be a page around the Sound of Music song ... 'these are a few of my favourite things'.... who can forget Julie Andrew in that role.

An alternative could be about how a favourite thing became totally unloved/unwanted/hated etc etc. For example when I was younger I loved one particular pop song that was in the charts, it was definitely my favourite. Then my younger sister bought 'the record' (see I am old!) and she also loved it, loved it so much that she would put it on repeat and listen to it constantly, so after about 2 days I loathed that song! In the end I could not bear to hear even the introduction!! I could spend some time discussing how I have turned against other hot faves in my life but I will save those for another day...... maybe!

So for today I have decided to try and think of some secret favourites, almost like guilty pleasures!! Most of you who have read my blog may have an idea about my fave colour, my fave animal, fave books, fave TV and fave people (the answers are......... brown/green, pig, Time travellers Wife or a 1000 splendid suns, True Blood/Grey's Anatomy/USA the biggest loser/any CSI etc etc and my family) so let's share five secret favourites...............

Favourite secret comfort food hot cheese sauce and some bread (eaten watching late night TV when everyone else is in bed!)

Favourite secret film it's a musical and it' 'seven brides for seven brothers' (not sure, but I may have mentioned this before!)

Favourite thing to avoid IRONING (and most housework if only I could get away with it!!)

Favourite secret photo I actually have a couple of photos of me that I quite like which is very unusual! I should definitely scrap these.

Favourite secret name (especially for Sian!!) my name is Ruth and as there is already a Ruth in the land of blogging, I suspect I will stay as Furrypig!

I am really looking forward to discovering everyone elses favourite things but not much time to catch up tonight as I am exhausted ater a long day at work and I have another busy day tomorrow so gonna have an early night!

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 2

Prompt 2 involves the debate with yourself regarding the merits of revealing all on your blog, or leaving some things to the imangination!! I am not talking naughty photos or videos here but the actual written content of posts.

I haven't always been completely open on this blog about what is going on in my life as I know it is a public forum so it is not private by any means. Even on Facebook I think carefully about what I reveal about my thoughts as I have 'friends' there who fit into different categories eg not seen for over 20 years (so don't know them) , contacts of DD (so still young), family (some of them older and more shockable I suspect, or maybe not!), work colleagues, great friends, craft friends, some friends who I could say anything to and some who are just vague aquaintancies... some people may even fit into more than one category!!

I came across this facebook cartoon on this blog which demonstrates the question about how much information is too much information? Also are social networking sites preventing 'real' communication or are we just keeping up with technological advances and trends? I rarely write or receive real letters any more and I miss hand written envelopes landing on my door mat but it takes more time. I don't actually talk on the 'phone very much either, again it takes time. I can post 1 message on my blog and it will reach a huge audience or send one text to multiple recipients.
Blogging is a great forum for sharing and gaining information. I have learnt so much from other bloggers and I have been greatful to those who not only share their good days but also their down days. Life isn't always perfect and I really admire other peoples openess and honesty. I have laughed out loud at times and also gasped in awe at some of the amazing creativeness I have seen.
I appreciate each and every comment I receive on here so thank you all for visiting and I would be interested to hear what you think regarding keeping up with technolgy versus 'real' communication and if I should 'reveal all' or not on my blog!! xxx

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 1

Yep I could not resist another Shimelle class and so I have joined Blogging for Scrapbookers. So many of the amazing bloggers I have 'met' online completed the original class back in 2009 and highly recommend it.
The daily prompts can be undertaken in three ways, for little or no time, a bit more time or time to play. I will be happy if I manage for little or no time throughout the course, though it will be great if I manage to scrap some things from the class as I go through. I will take it on a day by day basis and today I am starting off on the easiest option....
For prompt 1 we have to list our intentions for the 3 weeks of the class, so here are mine...
1. I want to pick up ideas from class and from my fellow pupils
2. I want to be motivated and inspired and commit to the daily prompts and actually complete this class!!
3. I hope to make some blogging buddies, friends I can relate to and share with in the future
Fingers crossed I will achieve these these things and my blog will become a more interesting place both for me, the future and for those who take time out to read my garbled posts!!!

Monday 21 March 2011

It's Monday what are you reading??

I have actually managed to read a book! Yipeee! I really do love reading but need to discipline myself to walk away from the computer and immerse myself in good paperback! So this week I decided to cheat and I picked a very short book, a novella no less! It is very short, but at least I read a book which makes a change!
I saw the film of Breakfast at Tiffanys years ago, once seen the iconic image of Audrey Hepburn in the role of Holly Golightly, can never be forgotten. Wow what style, what chic and what great guitar playing and singing of 'Moon River' . (When I learnt to play the guitar I performed a solo of Moon River at the local theatre!!)
The book differs from the movie and this was a surprise to me! Set in the 1940's, Holly seems to make her money through 'relationships' with wealthy gentlemen and is constantly seeking fame and fortune. In the film Holly appears more innocent and some of the story is missed out ( the pregnancy) or added to (in the book Holly disappears, the film I think ends with her kissing) probably because it wasn't necessarily a happy ending and the sexual liberation of Holly Golightly was not appropriate for a film in the 1960's.
I have enjoyed reading again and have already started the next book, which I will tell you about next week! In the meantime go over to Book Journey to discover what everyone else is reading.

Sunday 20 March 2011

IDIC card making challenge 'Spring'

I absolutely loved creating the card for this weeks Spring challenge over at IDIC. The weather here is bright and sunny, although a little cold but there are signs of Spring everywhere you look. Daffodils in bloom, birds singing and buds on the tree branches, Spring is here which means Summer is not far behind!

This week IDIC is sponsored by Lexi's creations and I chose this happy Spring image called 'Easter Lillie with tulips' which is available to buy here. It is coloured with promarkers and the card is decorated with various flowers in bright Spring yellow from my stash. I will definitely be using this image again.

Please join the DT and myself over in IDIC with your Spring card creation, look forward to seeing you there xxx

Sunday 13 March 2011

IDIC card making challenge 'masking'

Good morning everyone and welcome to another I did it creations card making challenge.

This week we are sponsored by Robyn's Fetish and we have worked with one of her fab images. I chose the gorgeous 'puppy paws' which is available to buy and download here. I tried really hard with my colouring ie I actually used 3 different colours, I really need to take a 'working with Promarkers class' as I just don't seem to be able to achieve the same stunning results that others do! Plus I must be the only person who actually does get the lines on the page when she uses them as they do not always blend as I thought they would!! Any Promarker tips gladly received!

I am not sure that the masking technique worked very well but I think it is kinda cute! I used a stamp from an American crafts set to create the grass and the cloud was from a Love Elsie set. I actually have several stamps but don't seem to use them as often as I should. I have been sorting through all my craft stash so they are now organised in a better and more accessible way so hopefully I will start to use them on cards and LO's more often.

Please come over to IDIC to see what my talented team mates created as they have made some great cards, more creative (and better coloured!!) than my card, they will really inspire you to join in the maskng challenge at IDIC this week.

Sunday 6 March 2011

IDIC card making challenge with a great sketch

Over at IDIC this week there is a new challenge and it is using a great sketch that Jennie from the Design Team put together. I really love working with sketches as it takes all the hard work out of deciding how to put a card together. Thanks Jennie.
Our images were given to us from our sponsor the Stamping Boutique and I was sent 'Irish Audrey' to use. I stuck with the Irish theme and mainly used the colour green, promarkers, cord and cardstock.
Please join us over at IDIC this week for your chance to win $$'s to spend at the Stamping Boutique.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Scrapology sketch February 2011

This is the sketch from Scrapology this month. K introduced me to this blog when I was telling her earlier this month that I hadn't scrapped since October last year and was feeling a bit lacking in direction. When I looked at all the work from the Design team I felt much more inspired as I have the photos, I have the punches and I definitely have the scraps of paper that need using up!

Although the photograph of my LO isn't that great you can see how I have used the sketch. It all came together really quickly as I chose the pictures to match all the green scraps I had. Every bit of paper in this LO came from my scrap box so it was really good to use up bits that had been lying around for a while. Some were 12 x 12 in length but several were much shorter but the joins are behind the images. My daughter really loved this layout and was impressed that I actually managed to make it fairly quickly!

I am really pleased to be scrapping aain but definitely need to keep it up so will be keen to see what Scrapology inspire me to do in March!

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Welcome to 'Scrap-inspire'

As you may have noticed there hasn't been much scrapping happening over here with Furrypig! I have been a bit lacking in motivation, although I did manage the page shown here yesterday and I have another to show you tomorrow. But this is the only scrapping since October ...shocking!

I was chatting online to the mega talented K a couple of weeks ago and we thought we could try and encourage each other to scrap. This could be achieved by setting a theme, providing a sketch, trying out a certain style, or a challenge! Anything, as long as it encourages us to get out the photos, papers and journalling etc from our stash and create a page (or pages would be even better!!!)

So on the first of the month we are going to 'inspire' each other to create a Lay Out, thus the name 'Scrap Inspire' was born (I suspect from K as she is definitely the creative one!!!). So if you would like to join us, we would be pleased to have your company. K created the artastic banner which is amazing especially as she has managed to include pigs which I love! So if you join us, why not display it on your blog and come back and tell us what you have been inspired to do this month!

I am starting with a really simple sketch, quickly hand drawn by me earlier today when I realised I had to do something and get it posted on my blog! Please feel free to rotate it, flip it and use it in a way that works for you and your style, it is totally open to interpretation! I haven't decided yet quite how I am going to use it so it will be interesting to see what inspiration it provides this month.

Please post a link in the comments section if you do manage to make something with Scrap-Inspire by 31st March, I look forward to seeing what we all come up with (which will no doubt inspire me even further!!)