Sunday 4 December 2011

Story telling Sunday December

Christmas is a magical time, full of surprises, love and family. Growing up I spent my Christmas's with extended family at my Nanny's house in London. She was an amazing woman (I could fill a year of story telling Sundays with various exploits of hers) she worked as a dinner lady so catering for all of us on Christmas Day came easily to her. I have so many happy, loving, snuggly feelings from those years, but I do recall one more painful memory ......

As you may recall from previous shared posts, I was somewhat mischievous, some might even say naughty! (Still not sure how I made it onto Santa's nice list some years!!). This even extended to the festive period and this Christmas was no exception. I cannot recall exactly how old I was but I would guess at maybe 4.

My Nanny always received lots of Christmas Cards and they were hung on string across the tops of the wall and down from the door in the lounge. I was particularly interested in the cards on the door and kept pulling at them. My uncle chastised me a couple of tim
es and on the third telling off (I was ignoring him!!) he picked me up and removed me from the room. I immediately started screaming and crying and everyone assumed it was because I was embarrassed and frustrated to have been caught out. In actual fact I was in dreadful pain, my arm was really hurting me.

Eventually (after several minutes of wailing!) my parents realised I was injured and that it was serious enough to require medical attention. Now, it was Christmas Day and it was a white Christmas and my parents did not drive! So the only form of transport was a pushchair! I sat in the pushchair and more poor parents pushed me all the way to Kings Hospital in the deep s
now (I was still crying!) it was freezing cold and not an easy journey!

At casualty I can remember being taken into the room to have an xra
y and as they manipulated my arm to take the picture I screamed in absolute agony then felt no pain! My arm was painfree! A Christmas miracle....

Actually, when my uncle had picked me up he had accidentally dislocated a bone in my arm and when the radiographer had moved it, it popped back into place! Wow did I learn a lesson that Christmas and I have never pulled a Christmas card off a door since!

I am so happy to have joined in the final installment of Sian's Story Telling Sunday.

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