Thursday 12 January 2012

More New Year Resolutions..... mine

I read 'somewhere' that 'someone' had decided to set 12 goals for 2012 and I thought I would do the same (sorry I can't remember where and who or I would give you credit, honest)

So without further ado here are mine (12 4 2012 on the 12th!)
  1. scrapbook more
  2. walk at least once a week
  3. declutter each week
  4. be at least 1 stone lighter by the end of 2012 (ie maintain weightloss!)
  5. send at least one piece of 'happy mail' each week
  6. read 52 books (I lost count last year and don't think I managed it)
  7. spend more time with friends and family
  8. pay it forward x `12 ( I didn't actually manage a single pay it forward in 2011.... hangs head in shame... so I am going to do one each month during 2012, some may be random on the blog, some will be given as a surprise and some might even go to those who are owed one from last year!!)
  9. take a photo each day
  10. be more organised with Birthday and Christmas cards
  11. blog more
  12. 'Just do it!!' (well done if you guessed this was my NYE resolution!)

Monday 9 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

As usual I am a bit late, but I wanted to share our New Year's Eve 'Writing of the Resolutions'! (Photograph taken from the TV as we watched the fireworks in London)

NYE 2010 was a very quiet one as I had been really poorly, it was just the 4 of us at home. As a new idea, I thought wee could write down our resolution on a scrap of paper each and swap around and guess which one was which persons (I also thought those little pieces of paper would make it onto a scrapbook page but they haven't yet!)

NYE 2011 we mananged to meet up with friends, 6 adults and 6 children. Just before midnight DS suggested we all wrote down our resolutions of bits of paper, put them in a hat and then tried to work out which one belonged to each person. So here they are.....

Eat less Chocolate
To drink more
Be better
Change the World
More exercise
Just do it
Stop swearing and eat more chocolate
To look even more like One Direction and to sell lots of I survived 2012 t shirts
Keep the same friends for a year
To travel more
To keep my room tidy and eat more vegetables

Sadly although I thought I collected all 12 pieces of paper I ended up with 9 and I couldn't remember one. These were written by a group age 10 to 48 (with 4 teenagers!) and just looking at them all makes me laugh as they are all so different. I still can't believe someone seriously wrote to eat more chocolate! LOL!

So which one is mine? (Obviously not the eating more choccie!) I challenge you to guess and will reveal all in my next post!

I look forward to reading more about other's hopes, dreams and goals for 2012 and I will be sharing a few of my plans with you soon. I wish you all the very best for this new Leap Year and hope to keep in touch with you more via blogland

cheers! xxx

Saturday 7 January 2012

Family 12x12 blog hop January 2012

Oh my goodness I totally forgot about the blog hop as I had totally missed the email from Margie! I am so sorry to the rest of the team and anyone trying to blog hop around.
In December yet again I didn't manage a photo of the four of us but I am determined to take part every month throughout 2012 so I thought I would share this family photo instead ......

I spent a lot of time with my extended family as we were visiting my dad in hospital a lot over the holidays (in fact we are heading back to see him and everyone else again today). It was great to see so much of my sister as we don't always get together as often as we would like to. As you can see she is the beauty in the family and we are totally different as she has blonde hair and blue eyes whereas I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

I am now off to catch up with the other blog hoppers starting at Margies blog here

Sunday 1 January 2012

Story Telling Sunday January

Happy New Year!

Sometimes stories are fun to write and even more fun to read but sometimes the story you have in your heart may not be easy to put down on paper (or blog) and it may not be easy to read. Sometimes you wouldn't chose to share personal tales, some things should probably remain private.

Sometimes I believe everyone else has a perfect world, difficult things don't always get mentioned on blogs and blog followers may not want to read about such things...... or would they?

I have been deeply touched by reading personal accounts of difficult times on blogs and it has made me realise I am not alone, I have felt comforted, moved and honoured that others share with me via their blogs. So should we share like this??

If you think it is ok, read on, if not please forgive my ramblings and come back another day when I share something crafty, fun or both!

On Christmas Eve my carefully planned festivities all went wrong after a phone call. Dad was in casualty with extreme pain in his leg requiring morphine. He was blue lighted to another hospital and underwent emergency surgery (I was soooo worried as his chemo had just been delayed as he was so immunocompromised so a big infection risk,plus he has a heart condition so anaesthetics aren't always good). He had to have several clots removed and if unsuccessful possibly have his leg amputated!

Fortunately the initially surgery worked although he has no sensation or movement in his foot and it looks like this is permanent. He is recovering but has had a few set backs. We are not sure how things will be long term but he is alive, he has both his legs, he is loved and we are so grateful that he is a survivor! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Also as far as Christmas's go this one wasn't too bad. Christmas Eve was a wash out as we cancelled the party we had planned and were left with lots of unused food including 3 litres of mulled wine. But on Christmas Day I was with all my family and I saw my dad! JYC has been put on hold but I think I will have some interesting aspects of Christmas to write about this year.

2012 is now here and I hope I manage to blog more and read more, share more and craft more, I will be back and I hope you will too!

Today's mutterings were part of Sian's storytelling Sunday go visit her blog for all the really good story tellers tales!