Sunday 1 January 2012

Story Telling Sunday January

Happy New Year!

Sometimes stories are fun to write and even more fun to read but sometimes the story you have in your heart may not be easy to put down on paper (or blog) and it may not be easy to read. Sometimes you wouldn't chose to share personal tales, some things should probably remain private.

Sometimes I believe everyone else has a perfect world, difficult things don't always get mentioned on blogs and blog followers may not want to read about such things...... or would they?

I have been deeply touched by reading personal accounts of difficult times on blogs and it has made me realise I am not alone, I have felt comforted, moved and honoured that others share with me via their blogs. So should we share like this??

If you think it is ok, read on, if not please forgive my ramblings and come back another day when I share something crafty, fun or both!

On Christmas Eve my carefully planned festivities all went wrong after a phone call. Dad was in casualty with extreme pain in his leg requiring morphine. He was blue lighted to another hospital and underwent emergency surgery (I was soooo worried as his chemo had just been delayed as he was so immunocompromised so a big infection risk,plus he has a heart condition so anaesthetics aren't always good). He had to have several clots removed and if unsuccessful possibly have his leg amputated!

Fortunately the initially surgery worked although he has no sensation or movement in his foot and it looks like this is permanent. He is recovering but has had a few set backs. We are not sure how things will be long term but he is alive, he has both his legs, he is loved and we are so grateful that he is a survivor! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Also as far as Christmas's go this one wasn't too bad. Christmas Eve was a wash out as we cancelled the party we had planned and were left with lots of unused food including 3 litres of mulled wine. But on Christmas Day I was with all my family and I saw my dad! JYC has been put on hold but I think I will have some interesting aspects of Christmas to write about this year.

2012 is now here and I hope I manage to blog more and read more, share more and craft more, I will be back and I hope you will too!

Today's mutterings were part of Sian's storytelling Sunday go visit her blog for all the really good story tellers tales!


  1. Happy New Year and I am so glad to hear your Dad pulled through. Hope he goes from strength to strength.
    Chin up chuck.

  2. I'm in favour of a bit of real life/not going so well peeping through on blogs. Otherwise it makes me feel as if i'm the only one sometimes that ever has a bad day or bad things happen to and that clearly isn't true.
    It wouldn't be any good if it was always like that, and absolutely some people won't want to share and that is right too.

    The very best of luck with your Dad and kudos to you for being grateful for your blessings.

    I hope your new year is as good as it possibly can be xx

  3. Wishing you a good New Year hun - I like a bit of personal on blogs - we're all human after all.

    So glad your dad's procedure was sucessful

  4. I do hope your dad continues to recover well.

  5. Glad to hear he pulled through it all ok and I hope you managed to find some use for the mulled wine lol :)

  6. Definitely an important story to tell. Especially if it helps you to come to terms with what happened and that's the wonderful thing about blog world - if you reach out you will find someone to listen. And understand. I'm so sorry to hear about what you were facing over Christmas and I'm hoping that you get a chance to partake of some of that mulled wine and relax for a bit at some point soon.

    All the very best as we go forward into the New Year to you and the family.

  7. Thank you for sharing your Christmas and so glad your dad is recovering from his ordeal. I think it is important sometimes to say how life really is. The story is about you and life isn't always rosy. Earlier this year, I hesitated about writing about my sick daughter but in the end, I mentioned it because it dominates my life at present. I was so glad I did. Several people reached out to support me, none more than Sian.
    Wishing you a Happy brighter New Year.

  8. I am so pleased for you all that your dad pulled through without losing his leg, what a stressful and worrying time. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes sharing the less than happy stories makes us stronger.

  9. Thinking of you and your family, Ruth. I know that health issues and parents is a sad combination. Your dad is lucky to have your love and support!

  10. Gosh - not the Christmas you'd anticipated at all. {{{hugs}}}
    I am in awe of the positive attitude that you have showed in this telling though - my thoughts are with you all ♥

  11. Sorry that your dad was so unwell Ruth, but glad he is recovering....hope it continues...thoughts and prayers heading your way!
    Alison xx

  12. Glad your Dad is recovering - and I agree that blogs should be more real, life isn't always fluffy and I like to see real people with real lives :)

  13. So sorry that your Christmas was interrupted in such a rude way, but glad to hear that your Dad is doing well. Spending time with family is always a happy ending.

  14. Thinking of you, Ruth, across what must have been a very difficult time and is probably still an anxious one, and also celebrating the sheer resilience of the human spirit - his AND yours :). Wondering what happened to that mulled wine ... can we all come over?!

  15. So glad to hear your Dad is recovering. I think if bloggers igored the not so great stuff that it just wouldn't be real. All the best to you and your family in 2012.

  16. All the best for your dad :-)

  17. Oh my goodness, what a worry! I'm glad he is on the mend x

  18. Hope your dad is stronger by now. There are always challenges we have to face, that's how God toughens us up, prunes us, or shows us what we are capable of! I should know, i have a number of health challenges myself, which i haven't really written about in a blog except for some hints thrown in here and there! Patsy from