Friday 29 April 2011

A special celebration

Millions of people have joined in today, to celebrate the marraige of William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I have to confess that I actually did watch some of the wedding and the kiss on the balcony in between travelling. I also admit to enjoying it and adoring her very vintagey looking wedding dress, the bridesmaids looked wonderful and I can't wait to see all the pics in the press tomorrow and hear more about it all!!

Today is also a celebration for someone else, someone special called Marti. Today is her birthday, today she is facing cancer and today I am proud to be part of a birthday tribute in her honour.

I follow the blog of her daughter Deb at Paper Turtle and she asked others to try and make her mom's birthday special. I wish I had asked Deb for one of her teal bracelets to help remember but I didn't and I am sorry, but would still like to make this small contribution.

I am with family today and I was trying really hard to explain to my inlaws why blogging is important to me, why online forums and communites are necessary and how I consider some of the people I meet here as real friends (they just don't get it). I had so much support from 'strangers' online when I had a hysterectomy several years ago, support I didn't get anywhere else. Today when I see the fantastic spirit of everyone joining in the birthday celebration for Marti, I really feel I am part of an amazing community of friends.

Thinking of you today Marti, Deb and family on this special celebration xxx

Marmite Day

(taken from 10 o'clock live )

seen above Beaver Plant Shop on the Chichester bypass

Why Marmite Day you may ask... you either love it or hate it... I think it is the same with the Royal Wedding!! So are you avoiding the celebrations and the ceremony?? Or indulging in the full experience.. dressing up, having a street party etc etc???

Me, I am off out so will probably be on the road during the whole event! I feel I should be more patriotic, more excited, more involved.... it is future history after all... marraige of a probable king and queen of tomorrow. But I am not really bothered!!! Butshould you ask me about what is happening in London in 2012, wel that is a whole other blog post!!!

Enjoy your day whatever you end up doing xxx

Thursday 28 April 2011

My day in photos

windows in my day ....

kitchen window, waiting for kettle to boil

windows online

bathroom 1

bathroom 2

in the car

work room 1

work pc


work room 2

work toilet!



home again


better late than never! to see more peoples days pop over here xxx

Sunday 24 April 2011

Mini break and back in class....

I have had a few days away with the family. We stayed in a caravan in Pagham, Sussex and it was great. I think this was probably due to the weather as we were able to spend most of the time outdoors. But also it was a great base to explore the surrounding countryside.

We went to Arundel Castle

visited the Down and Weald outdoor museum

and spent time at the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust

Now I am back home, I have caught up with reading all the blogs I follow, but I still have quite a bit of class work to do! I am a student of Shimelles again, the subject 'beyond blogging for scrapbookers'. I wanted to join in with all the gang, taking this new class together. I really want to blog a lot more regularly and want my posts and the space here to reflect my personality. I love how Rachel B's blog has a personalised header that changes every month and one day I hope to achieve something unique like that.

I installed Google analytics a few months ago after a recommendation from K, so I look forward to learning more about it in class. I do love hearing from my readers and appreciate all the comments. I often wonder how or what brings people to visit here? What is it you like or enjoy? Please if you have a chance take time to answer in the comments section today.

Finally, I wanted to mention that Enfys has some great blog candy, a chance to win a gorgeous Polkadoodles CD. Pop over and check it out here. In fact her blog is a great one to regularly persue for inspiration on card making and many amusing ancedotes from her everyday life!

IDIC card making challenge '1 2 3 recipe'

Oh dear! I completely forgot to add this weeks card to the DT photo album and to set up an auto post!! i guess that's what happens when you are on holiday and not in the usual routine. I apologise to IDIC DT and sorry for everything being late but I am finally here!

This weeks IDIC card challenge is a 1 2 3 recipe, I really love this idea as you can do whatever you fancy as long as you use the recipe. The recipe we are using is 1 image, 2 papers and 3 embellishments. This week we are sponsored by Sylvies Stamps and I have used 2 dinosaurs cut from 'Dino border' available here.

I decided to use up some stash, adding black and white papers, a Craftwork cards sentiment and 2 silver stars to brighten it up!

Hope to see you over at IDIC to sample your recipes this week. xxx

Sunday 17 April 2011

Alphanumeric blog hop

I am very excited and extremely honoured to be part of this amazing Alphanumeric blog hop organised by the fantastic Mel from I Speak Melsh. I would have hated to miss out on this great opportunity and it fits in so perfectly with Blogging for Scrapbookers (the Shimelle class, that I have just completed!). It is great to feel involved with such a friendly blogging community and it's fantastic that you have now joined us via this blog hop.

The blog hop starts with Mel at I Speak Melsh then continues as follows

You should have arived here from one of my favourite blogs 'Captured on Film' with the talented Jo. If you are lost please refer to the list above!

Initially I was unsure what I was going to blog about for my given Alphanumeric, now I have hundreds of ideas and have to reduce it all down to something not too long and boring! I was going to start off by saying this is the smallest perfect number, the atomic number of carbon, the number of sides in a cube, and the number of legs an insect has... I think you have now guessed!

I could talk about the M6, 6 geese a laying, 6 degrees of seperation, sixer in cubs (DS was recently made a sixer!), six feet under, 6th sense, 6x6 papers or what I was doing on 06/06/06 (but sadly cannot remember and have no photos taken that day either!)

Instead I will mention

which reminds me of turning 6 years old ( and also has a poem called Furry Bear which is so close to Furry Pig it deserves a mention!). So here are some photos of DD and DS on their sixth birthdays a few years ago ( DD is now a 'Tween' and DS is reaching to double figures soon!)

I haven't got any pictures of me at 6 but a cousin posted one of me on Facebook and I think it is the nearest I can find although I am not sure when it was taken exactly. I could be 4 or 5 but for the purposes of this blog hop we will say 6!! Have you any pictures of you at age about 6?

I would also like to do the folowing 6 things and may even document how it goes in blog posts:-

  1. look up my 6th folder of photographs and post the 6th picture

  2. make 6 LO's in the next 6 weeks (that will get me going!)

  3. in keeping with my phrase for 2011, sort out 6 areas in my house

  4. make 6 Pay it Forward items

  5. visit 6 new blogs (I might even manage this today on the blog hop!)

  6. send 6 handmade cards to a random 6 people who leave comments on this post!

Thank you so much for visiting my humble blog amongst all these completely, amazingly awesome blogs. I can't wait to get hopping through them all myself. Please head off to Donna's blog at Creating Room , this is a new blog to me and one I hope to visit more frequently in the future.

Todays post was brought to you by the number...


IDIC card making challenge 'Easter'

Greetings again and welcome to the I Did It Creations card making challenge!

This week is an Easter theme sponsored by Robyn's Fetish and I chose the totally gorgeous image of Inga the Bunny to work with, available here.

I hope you will be joining in with the holiday theme do pop over to IDIC to see all the DT's work

Saturday 16 April 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers....the last prompts

I am determined to finish the last 3 prompts from Blogging for scrapbookers as it has been a great class and if I do these it will be my first completed class!! Prompt 13 is all about past to present and I decided to look back on my blog from about this time last year and in 2009. Last year I had been away in Egypt for a fantastic all inclusive holiday just the four of us so I hadn't done as much blogging in April. I was still doing Project 365 at that time (before the camera stopped workng!) and the major excitement on my blog this time last year was posted here. I made lots of Layouts and was so inspired, unlike 2011 (I have only managed 2 pages this year yikes!) I need to get going again!!! Any ideas or tips???!! 2 years ago I started my blog and this was my very first post, it didn't really say much!! My initial reasons for blogging were to put some of my thoughts down, present some of my crafty cards, record some family memories and daily events. Initially I didn't actually tell anyone I had created a blog, I was very self conscious and not quite ready to share, But I had started 'following' a couple of blogs, which meant my blog was discovered!! It did take quite a while before I started telling people about Chatty Crafty Arty Pig! The reasons why I blog now(Prompt 15!) are slightly different. Although my blog is a total mess and needs a complete overhaul (any ideas??!!) I am now quite bold. I comment on lots of other blogs, read lots of other blogs and feel part of a bloging community, I really really appreciate each and every comment that is posted by you my readers. I don't always blog every day but I love following a bunch of my 'friends' blogs everyday and enjoy all the adventures we do together. Tomorrow a whole bunch of bloggers are getting together (including me!) for Mel's Alphanumeric blog hop, I hope you will come and visit! For prompt 14 I want to ask for some brief advice, over at Rachel B's blog she has a great LO on Red Nose Day here and the photo is B&W but the noses are red. Is there an easy way to do this with photos? I don't have photoshop so it may not be possible but would love to learn from some of you experts! Also, I am visiting Pagham nest week with the kids. Has anyone actually been there?? Anywhere nearby that you would recommend to visit?? Thank you all for any tips!! On Shimelle's blog giveaway she asked us to name a favourite blog and i decided to choose, not necessarily my favourite blog but certainly the most thought provoking, inspiring and touching one. I give you Kind over Matter..... go over, take a look and take it in, you won't be sorry. Phew! I did it I completed my first Shimelle Class and you my dear bloggy buddy have finished this mega post!! So do I join in the class that starts on Monday, 'Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers'???? Are you??? xxx

Sunday 10 April 2011

IDIC card making challenge 'SING A SONG'

Another fabulous theme this week at I did it Creations card challenge blog. Create a card based on a song, so that gives plenty of scope to use your imangination! The DT got to use an image by JLJ designs and I fell in love with the teddy image available here so decided to base my card around 'the Teddy bears picnic'. If I was clever I would somehow include the song with this post but sadly I don't know how to do that! In fact if Icould copy and paste the lyrics I would do that but I am having trouble doing that again.... help! Here are the lyrics and the music in this link ... enjoy! As you can see I kept the card really simple, using some vellum from last weeks card for the picnic blanket, some papers cut to form the tree (from my scraps folder) and the cupcakes an bird were stickers from Tescos (pleased to use up some stash today!) I hope you are tempted to join us at IDIC this week and make a card, would love to see your ideas for 'sing a song'.

Friday 8 April 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 8

Today school breaks up for the Easter holidays... yippeeee! Sadly I still have to work some of the time but nevertheless the children are away from the normal daily routine and will be able to have some relaxation time.

I thought I would share our top four free/fun and cheap/cheerful things to do in the school hols, though of course these can be used any time...

1. Family film time we all get together and try and decide on a film to watch, this may be free if we watch something on TV (or recorded from TV) or one of th DVD's. We may watch something hired from a shop or online. The children always ask for some sweets and we still have several left over from Christmas and there will be more arriving for Easter I suspect!

2. Jammy Day this is always popular in my house! Basically you stay in your PJ's all day so it is all about relaxing and not having to go anywhere! We can get up late and just hang out together without any commitments or rushing around. i couldn't do this one repeatedly but it is fun and I loved the day we had in the February holidays when we combined Jammy Day with Family Film Time. The kids and I managed to watch 3 films together! It was great just spending the whole day with them and noone else... not sure what hubby thought when he came home and it looked the same as when he left!! This is obviously free!

3. A Walk we often arrange to meet up with friends and go for a walk somewhere. Generally I send a text to lots of people suggesting a time and a place so the children meet up with their friends and I can catch up with some parent pals. When we are with others, I don't have any problem persuading the kids to go on a walk and they are so easily entertained. We are lucky and live near several large green areas that ca be accessesed for free, although sometimes we will visit National Trust properties/grounds or go further afield where there may be parking and/or entrance fees. In the good weather a picnic is compulsory and generally means we can spend the whole day out.

4. Games if we are on our own or the children are just not keen to walk we will do a game outside. This may take the form of a quest, where I might set different challenges or a treasure hunt where different objects have to be found along the way (eg a smooth stone, a 'Y' shaped twig etc etc). Often a ball is enough to keep my son amused, alternatively climbing a tree or finding the biggest branch to carry all work just as well! At home I have been known to set up an obstacle course with water features or a paddling pool filled with foam with hidden items inside, though this is weather dependant usually.

If 'the weather outside is frightful' we have been known to take part in a games event indoors. Each player chooses 2 'games', the four of us play all the games and work out the winner and add up the number of wins after the 8 events, we even gave a fake cup away one time!! These games vary so for example it can be a short game on a games console or computer, a board game, a puzzle (timed) really what suits the family.

This is just a small insight into some of our family activities, I would love to know what you do to keep your children amused in the holidays.

Monday 4 April 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers prompt 9

It's Monday What are you reading??? This is a post I try and take part in regularly if I have actually managed to read a book of course! I have recently finished Her fearful symmetry by Audrey Niffenneger, her debut novel the time travellers wife is one of my all time favourite books, so I was looking forward to reading this one.

This book is set in London, more specifically around Highgate Cemetery and the author's research into North London life is meticulousy undertaken. I am now really keen to visit the cemetery and take one of the guided tours (Neffenegger apparently worked as a tour guide as part of her research). The story revolves around twin sisters who have a Highgate flat bequeathed to them when their aunt dies from leukaemia. The aunt however has not actually left the flat and remains in a spirit like form. Essentially a ghost story yet so much more, the twins meet and befriend their aunts lover who lives in the flat downstairs and the OCD neighbour upstairs.

I enjoyed watching some relationships develop, whilst others fall apart, as secrets from the past are revealed. There is a twist in the tale, that I managed to forsee, but nevertheless it made a great story. Completely different from the TTW and in my opinion not in the same league, it is nevertheless a well written and enjoyable book, which I would still recommend. What are you reading and have you read this book???

My other regular blog post is IDIC's weekly card challenge on Sundays. I am on the DT so make a regular card and share the latest challenge and hope some of my readers might enter!

A new venture for me is

a concept thought up by K and I in an attempt to encourage each other (and anyone else who would like to join us) to scrap regularly as I haven't quite got back into scrapping this year, after taking over 2 months off. I posted a sketch for March (I still have to post the LO I made!) and K has just posted on her blog, this sketch for April I hope that I make this fabulous sketch into a fabulous LO, please consider joining K and I in our monthly scrapping journey xxx

Sunday 3 April 2011

IDIC card making challenge 'Anything goes'

Another week has passed and it's time to join in with a great challenge over on IDIC. This week is sponsored by Glitterbabe and we were all given an image to use. I was given the image 'sewing stuff' which is available here.

As you can see I actually took my image apart to use on my card. I cut out the scissors and the tape together, then took the reel of thread, and added some real thread to it!! I thought this image was great to alter in this way and has made a great impact on my card with all the extra dimension.

I hope you are able to join in this week at IDIC, it is anything goes so I am sure you will come up with something! Ooh just noticed I have bent the needle whilst taking the photos! It is straight now and looks better in real life!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone in the UK. I am off to church then meeting up with friends and going out for a late lunch fab!

Saturday 2 April 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 7

He has finally made up his mind, he has made the decision, it was totally his choice and he is moving on.

As a parent you would naurally protect your child from any and every harmful activity that life would throw at them. In reality this is impossible and probably not healthy, it is not going to prepare these children for the harsh reality of the world that awaits them. Having said all of that if I could take away each tear, each doubt and each hurt my son has felt in recent times I would do it in the blink of an eye, in a heartbeat.... as my heart is full of love for this boy of mine...

Children can be very hurtful especially to other children.

My gorgeous boy tried out a new football team today, they welcomed him, he knew some of them but everyone was so friendly, full of smiles for the new boy.

It is the end of the season and the current team have done very well but DS no longer feels part of that team, after 4 years he has decided to leave. He played his last match a couple of weeks ago and I think that will have been his final game with that team. So we are saying farewell.

I am so proud of him and pleased he has decided what to do and we look forward to training for a few weeks with the new team and joining in matches for the 2011/2012 season!