Friday 8 April 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 8

Today school breaks up for the Easter holidays... yippeeee! Sadly I still have to work some of the time but nevertheless the children are away from the normal daily routine and will be able to have some relaxation time.

I thought I would share our top four free/fun and cheap/cheerful things to do in the school hols, though of course these can be used any time...

1. Family film time we all get together and try and decide on a film to watch, this may be free if we watch something on TV (or recorded from TV) or one of th DVD's. We may watch something hired from a shop or online. The children always ask for some sweets and we still have several left over from Christmas and there will be more arriving for Easter I suspect!

2. Jammy Day this is always popular in my house! Basically you stay in your PJ's all day so it is all about relaxing and not having to go anywhere! We can get up late and just hang out together without any commitments or rushing around. i couldn't do this one repeatedly but it is fun and I loved the day we had in the February holidays when we combined Jammy Day with Family Film Time. The kids and I managed to watch 3 films together! It was great just spending the whole day with them and noone else... not sure what hubby thought when he came home and it looked the same as when he left!! This is obviously free!

3. A Walk we often arrange to meet up with friends and go for a walk somewhere. Generally I send a text to lots of people suggesting a time and a place so the children meet up with their friends and I can catch up with some parent pals. When we are with others, I don't have any problem persuading the kids to go on a walk and they are so easily entertained. We are lucky and live near several large green areas that ca be accessesed for free, although sometimes we will visit National Trust properties/grounds or go further afield where there may be parking and/or entrance fees. In the good weather a picnic is compulsory and generally means we can spend the whole day out.

4. Games if we are on our own or the children are just not keen to walk we will do a game outside. This may take the form of a quest, where I might set different challenges or a treasure hunt where different objects have to be found along the way (eg a smooth stone, a 'Y' shaped twig etc etc). Often a ball is enough to keep my son amused, alternatively climbing a tree or finding the biggest branch to carry all work just as well! At home I have been known to set up an obstacle course with water features or a paddling pool filled with foam with hidden items inside, though this is weather dependant usually.

If 'the weather outside is frightful' we have been known to take part in a games event indoors. Each player chooses 2 'games', the four of us play all the games and work out the winner and add up the number of wins after the 8 events, we even gave a fake cup away one time!! These games vary so for example it can be a short game on a games console or computer, a board game, a puzzle (timed) really what suits the family.

This is just a small insight into some of our family activities, I would love to know what you do to keep your children amused in the holidays.


  1. You have some great ideas there....When my kids were younger we always had an Easter egg hunt as well....and in the town that I live there are quite a few free events put on for our museum runs some really cheap, fun workshops.....and the library has some events as well.

  2. My chidren don't break up until next week so I haven't worked out exactly what we'll be doing this holiday. When they were younger (aged 3 and 5) we did lots of activities (documented on my blog in 10 parts - Part 1) and no doubt we'll be doing some more this time. As they have got older (now 11 and 8) they tend to do their own thing more but we will still fit in activities together like fun science experiments and creativity. The 11 year old has got his SAATS straight after the hols so we shall have to fit in some schoolwork. Weather is looking good!

  3. Sounds like the kind of thing we like to get up to too. Though we have another week before ours get off; and we have one doing GCSE revision so I have a feeling our break this year will be filled with a lot of exam talk..

    I hope you have a good one!

  4. Fabulous ideas! We have another week to go, too; I'm hoping for a couple of 'quiet days in', but meeting up with friends in the park will be great if the weather's nice :-)

  5. Hi - thanks for your comment today - it was really sweet ♥
    We've got another week to go before the holidays proper here - though my "boys" are already home and glued to the games computers - uni laptops don't do it for them! IF I can get people out of bed by midday, there will be some walks with geocaches, trips to the cinema or bowling and if I'm really lucky, I'll get a turn at Super Mario on the Wii :D

  6. I LOVE the sound of Jammie day! It's nice to take a day out to chill :)