Friday 29 April 2011

Marmite Day

(taken from 10 o'clock live )

seen above Beaver Plant Shop on the Chichester bypass

Why Marmite Day you may ask... you either love it or hate it... I think it is the same with the Royal Wedding!! So are you avoiding the celebrations and the ceremony?? Or indulging in the full experience.. dressing up, having a street party etc etc???

Me, I am off out so will probably be on the road during the whole event! I feel I should be more patriotic, more excited, more involved.... it is future history after all... marraige of a probable king and queen of tomorrow. But I am not really bothered!!! Butshould you ask me about what is happening in London in 2012, wel that is a whole other blog post!!!

Enjoy your day whatever you end up doing xxx


  1. Ooh I like the new background. I will watch the wedding and then we are going to a family get together because it is a good excuse to socalise! :)

  2. Love your blog post title - definitely Marmite day! We took full advantage ... of the extra bank holiday to get a week away with only 3 days holiday used up. Quite happy missing it all (but have to admit to Googling to see the dresses & hats) but equally happy to get a free glass of Buck's Fizz on the bunting bedecked plane home!

  3. I got the impression most of my blog readers aren't pro-Royal - I get very few comments when I have put anything about the Royal Family on it. (Helen and Monkey seem to be the exception).

    I did of course watch the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it (although the ceremony did go on...) and we also enjoyed a street party in the afternoon. I even wore a daft hat which I may show you on my blog (once I've checked out what I look like!)

    Hope you get to receive and enjoy your book soon, Nicky x

  4. I missed Marmite Day? Oh no! One of my favourite things! Great photo ... ;)