Saturday 26 September 2015

Pass the page Blog Hop

Shock horror I am back on my blog...for another blog hop... I do hate to miss out if I am invited!

Last weekend I was part of the 4th Bloggers  retreat organised and facilitated by the ever talented Jim Jams. We have been firm friends since the very first weekend in Shropshire when she kindly offered to collect me from the station,then sat next to me and shared a room with me and she had never met me before! Thank you!

Anyway we get up to all sorts before during and after our weekend away and one of the fun things we did was Julie's ''pass the page''. it started with a page made by Julie and was 'passed' electronically to the next person in secret so a scraplift could happen, then onto the next person etc etc.

Here is the running order

Mrs Wookie:

I hope you have come to be from lovely Lizzie and after visiting please hop over to visit Jemma

Without further ado here is my layout...

As you can see I have moved the sketch around a bit to suit my style and my photo but there are definitely elements of Lizzie's page in there.

I loved looking at the creative journey the page made, the similarities and the differences, each page wonderful and unique... I am not even sure which one is my favourite.

I hope you enjoyed looking at our travelling layouts and hopping around the country with us, who knows maybe I will blog again soon!