Tuesday 28 February 2017

UKS Winter Snap challenge

UKS came up with a winter challenge similar to the summer one...I do love a photo challenge

Here it is...

1. a clock at 12

New Year Celebrations

2. green or red or gold

what was left of our poinsettia...we can never keep them alive! 

3. a shop window

Foyles at Waterloo Station

4. winter trees

trees at Angelsey Abbey

5. baking...see Substitution

6. shadows, reflections or a silhouette

hanging wooden sculpture at Anglesey Abbey

7. lights

the bar at Malmaison Manchester

8. chocolate to eat or drink

a treat of choccie, a cuppa and a chick flick at the hotel

9. a bridge

the view of Waterloo Bridge

10. a cone... see substitution

11. the holly and the ivy (one or both)

both together!

12. anything frozen, icy, glistening

glistening grass!

13. lambs, snowdrops or any sign of spring

snowdrops at Anglesey Abbey

14. foot prints, crunching 

my footprints in the snow

15. bedtime

so excited by my huge comfy bed all to myself at the Malmaison!

16. cosy socks or mittens or hats or scarves

trying to stay warm on a snow day!

17. a hand-addressed letter

belated Christmas card from a patient

18. a house number the same as your birthday

number 3!

19. a cobweb...see substitution

20. a street busker, playing

busker at Waterloo station

A a favourite from Christmas

Lindt Chocolate...yummy

B film or book

family film night complete with ice cream!

D hands

the helping hands of the bigs with the littles!

Such great fun to join in with this challenge and I even managed to make one layout...

Using five photos from this challenge plus one extra and taking inspiration from a scraplift at Spiegelmom's Scraps and Accent Scrapbooking's blog hop over at Facebook...