Monday 9 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

As usual I am a bit late, but I wanted to share our New Year's Eve 'Writing of the Resolutions'! (Photograph taken from the TV as we watched the fireworks in London)

NYE 2010 was a very quiet one as I had been really poorly, it was just the 4 of us at home. As a new idea, I thought wee could write down our resolution on a scrap of paper each and swap around and guess which one was which persons (I also thought those little pieces of paper would make it onto a scrapbook page but they haven't yet!)

NYE 2011 we mananged to meet up with friends, 6 adults and 6 children. Just before midnight DS suggested we all wrote down our resolutions of bits of paper, put them in a hat and then tried to work out which one belonged to each person. So here they are.....

Eat less Chocolate
To drink more
Be better
Change the World
More exercise
Just do it
Stop swearing and eat more chocolate
To look even more like One Direction and to sell lots of I survived 2012 t shirts
Keep the same friends for a year
To travel more
To keep my room tidy and eat more vegetables

Sadly although I thought I collected all 12 pieces of paper I ended up with 9 and I couldn't remember one. These were written by a group age 10 to 48 (with 4 teenagers!) and just looking at them all makes me laugh as they are all so different. I still can't believe someone seriously wrote to eat more chocolate! LOL!

So which one is mine? (Obviously not the eating more choccie!) I challenge you to guess and will reveal all in my next post!

I look forward to reading more about other's hopes, dreams and goals for 2012 and I will be sharing a few of my plans with you soon. I wish you all the very best for this new Leap Year and hope to keep in touch with you more via blogland

cheers! xxx


  1. You're not that late - I still haven't blogged my 2-11 review and 2012 aims. Maybe it should be to not leave everything to the last minute!

  2. Ooops that should be 2011 review!!!

  3. The list made me smile! Yes, so different. oooh. now which is yours ... Guessing a bit wildly here and reading carefully what you've said, I think that it is probably not to drink more or eat more chocolate, and keeping the room tidy is probably a teenage voice - is it "Just do it?" (or possibly "Take more exercise", on the grounds that most of us feel we don't do enough?)

  4. Happy Resolutions - I reckon yours is "Just Do It!" i.e. stop worrying about what other people think, have confidence in yourself and get on with things! I'm behind you if it is .... with a big stick ;o)

  5. I'm guessing 'just do it!' or 'More exercise'?
    Alison xx

  6. Love your resolution idea, might have to try that next NYE :D just popping in to answer the question you left on my blog (thanks for following by the way!) - when I create collages in Picasa I save them as jpegs and then upload them to snapfish. I can then order a single 6x4 print - easy peasy! Hope that helps :D