Thursday 24 March 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 3

Day 3 brings us 'playing favourites', I really liked reading this prompt and think it is one I might actually make a scrapbook page about. It is a great idea for preserving memories of the here and now.

What are your favourites? It is like the questions young children ask.... what is your favourite colour? ......what is your favourite animal? In fact I can see several possible pages being made from this prompt as different people could set the questions and there could be a variety of folk answering them!!

Or there could be a page around the Sound of Music song ... 'these are a few of my favourite things'.... who can forget Julie Andrew in that role.

An alternative could be about how a favourite thing became totally unloved/unwanted/hated etc etc. For example when I was younger I loved one particular pop song that was in the charts, it was definitely my favourite. Then my younger sister bought 'the record' (see I am old!) and she also loved it, loved it so much that she would put it on repeat and listen to it constantly, so after about 2 days I loathed that song! In the end I could not bear to hear even the introduction!! I could spend some time discussing how I have turned against other hot faves in my life but I will save those for another day...... maybe!

So for today I have decided to try and think of some secret favourites, almost like guilty pleasures!! Most of you who have read my blog may have an idea about my fave colour, my fave animal, fave books, fave TV and fave people (the answers are......... brown/green, pig, Time travellers Wife or a 1000 splendid suns, True Blood/Grey's Anatomy/USA the biggest loser/any CSI etc etc and my family) so let's share five secret favourites...............

Favourite secret comfort food hot cheese sauce and some bread (eaten watching late night TV when everyone else is in bed!)

Favourite secret film it's a musical and it' 'seven brides for seven brothers' (not sure, but I may have mentioned this before!)

Favourite thing to avoid IRONING (and most housework if only I could get away with it!!)

Favourite secret photo I actually have a couple of photos of me that I quite like which is very unusual! I should definitely scrap these.

Favourite secret name (especially for Sian!!) my name is Ruth and as there is already a Ruth in the land of blogging, I suspect I will stay as Furrypig!

I am really looking forward to discovering everyone elses favourite things but not much time to catch up tonight as I am exhausted ater a long day at work and I have another busy day tomorrow so gonna have an early night!


  1. Nice to find out your name!!!Though I like Furrypig....think it's possibly going to stick.
    I can think of a few 'no longer' favourites as well.

  2. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm not in your list of fav people ****storms off in a mood & trips over own feet****!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Another thought provoking piece. I can't think of any earlier favourites I can't stand now. If I really like something I always really like it, applies to food, music, books,flowers, clothes, decor etc - how boring!!

  4. I must be brain-dead after my day at work because I can't think of a single answer to any of the above. No secret that one of my favorite films of all time is Dirty Dancing!

  5. Aha! You've put a smile on my face this morning

    Many years ago I had a pair of slippers which were actually furry pigs. You wouldn't have happened to have a pair too, would you?

  6. Hi & thanks for stopping by to leave kind words!! Those Easter Bunnies were from Aldi & are a snip at only 69p!!!....& I am so with you on 'Secret' Fave #3!!! ♥

  7. Brilliant! Great to get to know you better :-)

  8. Aha! Hello Ruth. I think I have shared most of my secret fave answers too....will have to have a think :)