Friday 25 March 2011

Blogging for scrapbookers.... prompt 4

Meaning from the Mundane is the thought for prompt 4, which is actually a really useful idea as it makes you think of something ordinary, with the view to turn it into something extraordinary!

Today was in theory, on paper, a fairly boring day I had to go on over 100 miles (round trip) to attend a meeting. Even when applying this prompt it isn't exactly exciting but I did try to think more about what was going on and share some of my observations.

Firstly, I used my sat nav to help me find my destination. I have a farily innocuous (?spelling?) female voice on my sat nav and I actually talk to 'her'. When she keeps telling me to turn left I reply! She isn't always very accurate with her directions and sometimes I get confused but I always get there in the end. It has made me a little lazy as I rarely check maps to plan my journey which is sometimes a mistake if the sat nav decides not to work, luckily today this wasn't the case. What do you think of satnavs and GPS technologies?

Today was actually really beautiful in my part of the UK and the temperature reached 17 degrees according to the car thermometer thingy. It did make the drive more pleasurable though I was sorry not to be outside enjoing the mild weather. The sunshine shone brightly as I travelled and the countryside I drove through often appeared quite idyllic with fields, trees, flowers and birds (lots of pheasants around this year for some reason?).

I spent a lot of my time looking at the steering wheel, the clock, the speedometer and of course the satnav! I did look at signs and the traffic ahead of me and at one point actually had to stop on the A3 because of road works. Stuck in a traffic jam! But I was listening to the radio, another secret favourite about to be revealed... I listen to Radio 1!! I think I am still young and hip, so I do like to catch up with al the modern contemporary popular culture and musical events lol! In fact I had the volume up quite high playing a few older classics and singing along so I probably amused some of my fellow 'stuck-in-traffic-on-a-beautiful-day' people! I was jiggin around to a couple of hip and trendy songs!!

Once we got going again I became aware of the really annoying driver (actually there are more than one of these) I decided I was fairly placid on the way to the meeting but on the way home, anxious to collect DS after his 4 nights away on a school trip and wanting to start the weekend, I turned into a different sort of driver (not quite worked up into any sort of road rage tho!)
There is the driver who seems fairly cautious who just sits in the lane ahead of me going the same speed as the driver in the lane next to us ie about 20 miles under the speed limit, he should pull over into the slower lane and let me pass!! Or I am going at the maximum speed (possibly slightly over) and I have someone tailgating me, literally 2 inches from the back of the car (or that's how it looks in the rear view mirror!!) Why?? What are they hoping to gain??

My meeting was quite interesting with a couple of speakers and a chance to catch up with other nurses in similar jobs across a large region. The meeting was held at the Sussex Beacon, which is a care centre for people with HIV/AIDS. It is in a beautiful setting and is run by truely beautiful people. I am so glad we meet there to help support this worthwhile organisation. Funding is being cut all the time in the NHS which makes it even more difficult for centres like this to run.

So the end of an uneventful day in many ways, just another day, but the first day of the rest of my life and it was a good one! Glad to have my boy back at home, happy to have seen countryside and sunshine and so pleased it is the weekend and I can glug some NZ Savignon Blanc..... xxx


  1. Jealous of your good weather - cold and damp up here today. My biggest bugbear with drivers up here are the apparant lack of signalling - maybe indicators are an optional extra when you sit a driving test in Moray!!

  2. I have GPS but I don't trust it entirely as it cannot find my house. Obviously I can find my house without it but I have to wonder about it since it obviously thinks it *can* find my house & I have to guess sometimes it's wrong about other things as well.

  3. Yesterday was glorious here too - so glad I managed to get out and about with my camera. I too have a female sat nav voice and she's valuable company on lone journeys, along with Radio 4 - not hip at all me!

  4. We've had wonderful weather as well.
    I'm not really liking sat navs....they tend to confuse me!!!

  5. I have to be careful not to rely on my satnav - after the battery conking out, an 'interesting' detour, and it falling off the dashboard to land under the brake pedal.... Not all during the same journey, at least!!

  6. I think you have had a lot to write about for a fairly mundane day!

    I think that the GPS is good when you are in a completely unfamiliar place, otherwise I find it a big pain. :-)

  7. I enjoyed reading about your trip. My DH once took a safe driving class and they showed a movie - something about you'll never get to the front of the line so why are you going in & out trying to beat everyone there. :) Liking our new GPS when we're traveling but not sure about the one installed in the new car - she can't find our house either.