Sunday 31 July 2011

Jemma's Blogiversary Hop

Hi everyone and welcome to the blog hop organised by Jemma over at Just Jimjams to celebrate her blogs first birthday..... congratulations Jemma xxx

As you go from blog to blog you need to collect a number from each of Jimjams' Blogiversary friends, putting them in numerical order and then e-mail her with the number which is missing from the sequence. What fun!

You should have come to my blog via the lovely Sandie at Itchifingers.

I am actually writing this at the end of my holiday and hoping it will autopost on time (so sorry if I have run late or early!) Would you like to guess where I am with some clues????

It took about 8 hours to fly here direct with British Airways

The temperature here is pretty constant between 80 and 90 degrees but we have had quite a lot of rain too! We are using factor 50 especially after my skin cancer last year!

The first language is English, though French, Dutch and Spanish are in the top 4 languages.

We are staying with friends in their lovely apartment with a great pool. It is more expensive than the UK with lots of prices in US $ though we are not in the USA.

There is an amazing variety of wildlife including mongoose, geckos and lizards, land crabs, humming birds cockroaches and mosquitos (I have been bitten a lot!) on the land and the sea is teeming with marine life... ideal for snorkelling.

Ok time for some easier clues...

We are 5 hours behind the UK here

The currency is EC $

There is locally brewed beer and rum readily available.

I am on an island with 365 beaches allegedly!

The capital is St Johns.

I think you have it now....

I am in Antigua!! What a beautiful place to be holidaying we are very lucky, especially as whilst we have been away we have had a shower rebuilt and lots of work done at home!

I just wanted to add that before we came away I was able to see my Dad and he is making an excellent recovery after his surgery and has been a star patient. He is due to see the consultant today for the results and to plan the future (ie see if he needs chemotherapy etc etc) Thanks again for all your best wishes, thoughts and prayers.

So thank you for visiting my blog on this Blogiversary Hop. My number is 23 and you need to head over to the wonderful Sian at From High in the Sky to collect the next one. Enjoy your hopping, meanwhile I need to get back to this.....

EDIT ...... I am very sorry that this post has gone out early .... whoops! Jemma's blog hop starts in the early hours of August 1st but blogger has misbehaved and posted this at the wrong time! So please come back and join in the hopping tomorrow morning instead!


  1. Well I am now green with envy at the thought of all the blue skies, white sands, yellow rays, brown rum, and hoping that the factor 50 is keeping you from getting too red! Is that enough purple prose?!?! I think so!

    Glad to hear that your Dad is getting on OK under the circumstances - long may that continue!

    Safe journey home and many thanks for getting this wonderful post ready for my Blogiversary Blog Hop (tomorrow)! Jemma xxx

  2. you lucky thing you - I sympathize about the bites as I seem to be very tasty too lol!

  3. Wonderful news about your dad!

    I'm another one wishing you a safe journey home after what looks like an amazing trip.

    And anyone hopping over to me - look out for my post tomorrow. Party Day is 1st August

  4. I knew as soon as you said "rum" you had to be somewhere in the Caribbean! Antigua is one island I have not been, but would love to see :)

    Good news on your dad! Still sending lots of positive thoughts your way :)

  5. I am very jealous of where you are! Enjoy every second and have a most relaxing vacation :)

  6. wow that looks a beautiful Paradise, have a wonderful holiday.

  7. I'm so jealous - and your missing building work! Looks lovely!

  8. glad u are having a wonderful time. antigua sounds amazing. and looks it too incidentally. so pleased ur dad is recovering well and will continue to pray for a full recovery with no chemo or radiotherapy.
    jo xxx

  9. What a wonderful place for a holiday and a new beach for every day of the year!

  10. Antigua looks and sounds beautiful. I so NEED a few days at the ocean....

  11. I can only dream of white sandy tropical beaches... *sigh*!

  12. You lucky thing- what a gorgeous spot. Hope you have/had a good flight home.

  13. Looks absolutely gorgeous! Hope you enjoy the last few days. :)

  14. It looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful trip!

  15. Glad to hear-and see!- that you are having a great time! Also that your dad is recovering well!
    Alison xx