Tuesday 5 July 2011

Pass the book

So it is definitely my turn to 'Pass the book'. Have you been following all the books transversing the globe?? This 'novel' idea (did you see my play on words there???) was started almost a year ago by the fabby Sian, From High in the Sky and many people have benefited from a book dropping through their post box, read all about it here.

I received Creative Wildfire by LK Ludwig back in May, then promptly forgot all about it! Sorry everyone, but finally and somewhat belatedly I am offering the book to the next person! I received the book from Quicksave, she is one of those crafters who seems to be able to turn their hand to anything crafty and produce amazing creations. Her blog is always full of new ideas that she has tried and I love finding out what she has been up to.

Me, well I don't actually consider myself that crafty at all! I love the idea of trying things out and might even get as far as buying some materials for a project, but they are often just left neglected on the shelf! So Creative Wildfire 'an introduction to art journalling - basics and beyond' was totally new to me and I wasn't sure what to expect.

I read the book with an open mind, probably having some pre-conceived ideas about art journalling. I have seen some amazing art journalling on blogs but have often thought it was 'out of my league'. Now I think there are some aspects of art journalling that I could probably do and some that I actually want to try! There are many different styles and I think I might be able to find mine, as I really liked some artists work in the book and definitely didn't take to some!

The main thing I want to try is really simple, I just want to try using the scraping technique with acrylic paint on paper and to look at different sources of paper and mix and match them as I glue them to a page.

After reading the book I wrote 'I loathe some styles of art journalling and makes me think it isn't for me but I do like some styles. Some basic ideas could be incorporated into paper arts that I would use eg scrapbooking and possibly cardmaking. I have lots of acrylic paints that I have never used! So I will look at them and definitely try scraped paint technique'.

So if you would like the chance to read this bok please leave a comment and a random name will be chosen. I will chose a name on Sunday 10th July and hopefully post out the book the next week. Thanks xxx


  1. Would love a chance at the book...you sound as though you felt the way I do about Art-journalling..maybe I would learn something too!
    You and your family are in my prayers for tomorrow!
    Alison xx

  2. I'd be so interested to see this book, I'm really getting into art journaling at the moment and would love to see some other ideas and get some more inspiration :)

  3. Me, me, me, would love the chance to get a lookie-see at it please Ruth :-)

  4. This book has been on my Amazon Wish List for over a year! Please add my name to the draw.

  5. I love seeing other people's art journals....but still not sure it's for me...so would love to see this book.

  6. I have mixed feelings about art journalling so would love to have a look to see what ideas it gives. Thanks for the opportunity:0)

  7. I'm just getting started with AJ but, like you, there is much of it that just isn't for me, so I'd love the chance to get my hands on this book

  8. I'm not sure if art journaling is for me either, but I have created a few collage-type pages in one I started, nothing like what I've seen. (Don't put me in the draw for the book as I just won the one from scrappyjacky - that will keep me busy for a while.)

  9. Blogger keeps kicking me out!!
    I would love to see this book so please include me in the draw :)
    Heather xx

  10. sorry!! http://heathers-scraps.blogspot.com/