Sunday 10 July 2011

ten things on the tenth

I have been thinking about what to write for my 'ten things' for a couple of days as so much is going on in my life at the moment and I have lots of things on my mind with loads happening! Then it struck me, I could simply share the ten major things that have happened in the last ten days!

1. As many of you will be aware, my darling Dad had an important hospital appointment this week (see this post). I thank each and everyone of you that have held him, the family and me in your thoughts and prayers it is really appreciated. The diagnosis of cancer was confirmed but initially they were unable to say if there were signs of secondary cancer in the liver. We had a tough 24 hours waiting for the radiologists/oncolgists/surgeons joint expert opinion saying the liver was fine (hurray some good news!) He had to go to the hospital 4 times last week, has 2 medical appointments this week and then admission for about a week. Please continue to pray, send positive vibes and thoughts and think of him thank you xxx I am grateful for health care professionals and access to technology and treatment.

2. Today my Dad's best friend passed away unexpectedly. A huge shock for us all as he was a wonderful man who had been through a lot healthwise. When he had been in hospital and in the rehabilitation unit my dad visited regularly and played cards with him. He is now in Heaven and I have asked my Dad not to plan any card games with him any time soon. I am grateful for having him in my life as I grew up and that we shared a holiday with him and his wife last year.

3. Following the post about my dad I was sent a 'hug' through the mail.
How cute is that card and a lovely surprise from K. I am grateful for hugs.

4. DH, DS and I had a great day out to Leith Hill the highest point in SE England. On a clear day you can see Gatwick and Heathrow airports and even the English Channel (though we didn't manage it despite trying!)

I am grateful for days of sunshine and time together.

5. DS took part in his first 'Bikeathon' and completed 12 miles easily (plus the miles to and from the race start/finish) I was very proud. I am grateful for DH taking him cycling.

6. I received a Pay it Forward gift from my cousin in law with a beautiful card. I love brown so the bracelet was perfect. I am grateful for family, especially the crafty ones (see her blog here)

7. I attended a 4 hour beginners photography course a cheap deal from Groupon. I think full price would have made it rather expensive but at the reduced rate it was a real treat, I used the DSLR and now understand F numbers, ISO, apertures, shutter speed and can even alter them according to conditions! I am grateful for cameras and making new friends (2 lovely ladies who both scrapbook attended the course, I have photos of them as I practised my shots but they may not wish me to publish them here!)

8. A package arrived full of crafty goodies and even some sweets, something else to brighten my day, from Craft Fairy (very talented crafter found here) I am very grateful for blog candy and blog friends.

9. DD celebrated her birthday early, inviting 20 girls for a 'water party' in the garden followed by a BBQ. Luckily the great British weather (predicted to be heavy rain) only contributed a slight drizzle and the party went ahead without a hitch. I am grateful for sunshine and foam machines.

DD and I had a great time making lots of cupcakes for her birthday coffee, vanilla and chocolate they were really yummy, though not very good for my diet! (I am grateful I lost 2 lbs this week)

I also put together little party bags with presents, which were fun to make and looked cute. I am grateful for handmade goodness and a cupcake making daughter.

10. Handmade Hannah not only stocks some amazing scrapbook supplies but she sends them promptly, beautifully packaged with a handmade card. I cannot wait to use some of my lovely new supplies so watch this space and I will share more soon from the grab boxes. I am grateful for the personal touch and for new crafty stash.

In the ups and some major downs of the last 10 days, there are many things to be grateful for. I am grateful for the internet, for blogs and for you. Thank you for visiting my small part of the world and joining in my rollercoaster ride, which I think is continuing for the next ten days, but that is a whole other story...................... xxx


  1. good luck for this week with your dad's appointment, today couldn't have been easy for him.

    Loving those yummy cupcakes...20're brave!!

  2. Wow! lots of crafty goodness there thats hopefully helping to take your mind off what else is happening. Hope you & your Dad have happier times soon xx
    PS I can't believe you have a Xmas countdown already!!!

  3. Very nice post but it sounds like your plate is full at this time in your life. Prayers for your Dad and your family.

  4. love those hug cards!! and the cupcakes and the.... great list!!!

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have crafting as a hobby and and outlet for stress? Loved reading your list, wishing you many more happy moments during a hectic time.

  6. Glad there was some good news for your Dad - hope he continues to get the best care & treatment. Love the cupcakes and congrats to DS for an epic ride!

  7. Those cupcakes look scrummy.Hope your dad's appointment goes well.

  8. Oh my Ruth, how busy are you. Your DD party looks and sounds lots of fun, love the party bags and those cakes are gorgeous (bet you had none left!). Well done to your DS on the bike ride, 12 miles is a huge achievement. You and your dad are in my thoughts and I'm sending positive thoughts your way along with massive squidgy hugs xxx

  9. A very mixed bag!My thoughts and prayers remain with you and yours
    Alison xx

  10. Thanks for including my braclet and card on your blog. I'm glad that I picked the right colours. Our thoughts and prayers are with Uncle Bob and your whole family at this time. Please send on our love X Shelley

  11. coffee cupcakes! My life is complete!

  12. Wow - you have had a lot going on lately! So glad to see you've received some happy mail & fun time even in the midst of difficult news about your dad. Sending prayers your way! :>)

  13. Gosh, you have had an up and down time and I do hope your Dad gets some good news soon. I love the cupcakes, they look professionally made, and all the other lovely makes.
    My own life has been full of ups and downs too. This is probably why I forgot to let you know that your name was picked for choosing the correct word in my recent Blog Hop. How COULD I forget that?! I feel very embarrassed! But now that I have remembered I will pop your giveaway in the post as soon as I have your address. I hope things are on the up for you x

  14. Looks like you have had some happy moments during this hard time, that's good to see :) Still sending lots of positive vibes to you and your family.

  15. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! I am very sorry to hear about your Dad, he sounds like a lovely chap. Hope there's good news on the horizon. Take care x

  16. I'm doing a catch up here Ruth, so I'm sorry that my best wishes and thoughts to you and your Dad and the rest of the family are only arriving now x

  17. Sending your dad, and you too, very best wishes for this week - hoping things goes well. I am amazed at your ability to do so many things at once! Those party bags are lovely, and the cakes so professional.

  18. Hi Ruth, Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    Just reading through sorry to hear about your dad - my thoughts and prayers are with you!
    nat xox