Saturday 11 June 2011

June Family x 12 blog hop

Greetings to everyone visiting my little bit of the world wide web, as part of this months blog hop organised by the wonderful Margie. This first hop was in May and there are more participants this month so it is getting more exciting!!

Each month we are sharing a photo of what we call 'family'. I really enjoyed visiting all the other blogs and getting to know the 'families' and cannot wait to catch up with everyone this month.

My photo was taken on the last day in May that we were all together. It was after DS's birthday party at Lazerquest, thus the hot and sweaty look. He left the next morning for cub camp, so we took this opportunity...

I grabbed a friend and asked her to snap a few pictures of us in the back garden and this was the best of the bunch and the only family photo we managed for the month of May! Hopefully I will have more to choose from for June, although I haven't taken any yet!!

This is the blog hop in case you get lost! You should have come here from Carol Anne's blog....

Carol Anne

enjoy hopping around, but for now please head to Jo's blog to see her family photo from May.


  1. You all look very fresh and not at all sweaty!! Afraid I failed miserably this month so only have photos of one family member to share - must try harder! Hope this comment publishes OK as I am having real problems with Blogger today.

  2. Gorgeous pic Ruth, you all look so happy x

  3. Lovely photo. Me and my DH always tickle our kids to get them to smile or laugh. Not that they need us too but we find it fun. ;-) x

  4. Good job getting the photo in before the end of the month.

  5. Lovely family! It's so nice to see all those family pictures...
    You gave me a hint! I will be traveling with DS and will meet DH just mid july... So this month I have few days to take a picture of the whole family! Thanks!

  6. Great family photo Ruth! I don't see any sweat, you all look fabulous :)

  7. I like this photo. Good job getting it done before the end of the month.

  8. Great photo - definitely one to be scrapped :0)

  9. Great photo - it looks like y'all were having a fun day!

  10. ah at last an up-to-date photo. now i can see the lil ones although not so lil. DD is gorgeous and DS is a cutey and handsomejust like DH,
    Jo xxx

  11. Oh, lovely :) The red hair is fabulous!

  12. Super shot - these will make a lovely collection through the year(s).