Sunday 5 February 2012

February Family 12 x 12 blog hop

Welcome to the February Family 12 x 12 blog hop hosted by the lovely Margie. Just a short hop this month and I am the final participant on the list.

I am determined to join in each month with a family snap, so I managed to get a group shot courtesy of a friend on January 1st.......... how keen was that!

After a fun NYE with friends we returned to Surrey to meet up with several other families and join in a walk. Unfortunately the heavens opened and we all ended up soaking wet, so saturated the rain went through all our layers! We stopped half way as some people had been sensible and brought money so they could buy a hot drink (sadly we were not among that number!!!)

I hope there are more flattering photographs taken the rest of the year! Thanks for joining us today, please bear with the list as we are an international group so timings can be a bit off here is the list of the Feb 5 FAMILY x 12 Blog Hop Participants

Margie http;//
Ruth (You are here!)


  1. Love this picture. It tells a great story about your walk.

  2. Loving your photo and the story behind it! I am playing along as usual this month but for some reason didn't get the email - so please pop over and say hi.

  3. Its a fab photo Ruth, fab, fab, fab FAB! Soon you'll be able to do a "family in all seasons" layout ;-)

  4. You DO look wet...great pic though
    Alison xx

  5. I'm so glad you joined in. I love the pic! Sorry you got wet, but it is a perfect photo and a great memory. Can't wait to see you next month.

  6. What a great reminder of a soggy New Year's! Looking forward to seeing your family photos throughout the year.