Sunday 23 May 2010

Why no blogging???

This is the question I have been asking myself this weekend. What has happened to my blogging addiction?? I had a fantastic time this afternoon following a blog hop set up by Mel. It was themed 'All about me', so it got me thinking all about me!! (Do pop over to her blog and look at some of the fantastic projects there is a whole lot of talent out there!!)

I think I have great excuses not to blog, the usual 'I haven't enough time' springs to mind immediately. This is truer than ever as a few things have changed recently at the house of Furrypig........

DH got a job (hurrah... was nearly 6 months) but it is in Worcester (boo hiss.... not at Worcester as it sounds a wonderful place) but this means he is away Monday to Friday and just back for weekends. He also took the lappy with him, which is great as we can skype every day and the kids love it, but I am left with the desk top so it means I cannot multitask whilst blogging/surfing . I often used the pc whilst cooking, watching tv, supervising kids etc etc but the desk top is upstairs in the study so not as easy and I have been nipping on in the evenings before bed time and then I just end up going to bed!!

I take DH to the station every Monday morning and this means getting up at 5.15am which seems to leave me tired for the rest of the week. (it saves £11 on cab fare though so I do it so I can spend £10 on craft stash...... well that was my reasoning!)

I have just started a university course one day a week that ends in December. It is called 'Independant and Supplementary Prescribing' and basically means I can write prescriptions like a Doctor if/when I pass. It is all day Tuesday and means I have to have childcare for DS pre and post school and be more organised. Plus it is not an easy course with 3 written assignments, practical assignments, and 2 written exams!! Tuesdays used to be a quiet day with just 3 hours at work now it is my longest day of the week, though I should be getting the time back from work.

Work has been stressful as there are loads of changes happening there and I am nervous of change! The future is unclear for us at the moment but I am trying to remain optimstic, but sadly a really wonderful colleague has resigned and this will be a huge loss for the clinic. Not gonna waste any more blog time discussing work as it makes me start feeling anxious again.

I had a funny patch of skin and a Dr at work suggested I ask the GP for a dermatology opinion. I had that the first week in May, followed by a skin biopsy the second week in May and my stitch came out the third week in May. As we approach the fourth week in May I am waiting for the results, I know what the likely diagnosis is and although it sounds awful, it should be fine and it should involve just a simple treatment and therefore a simple cure. But it is unknown at the moment and it is a bit of a worry and I didn't want to discuss it with people which made it harder. It actually made it impossible when I turned up for work with a big pressure dressing on my head that stayed on for 48 hours!! I did get lots of questions so now everyone knows I have had a biopsy and we will wait and see............

My camera broke! I was gutted and meant an end to project 365 for me as got all in a muddle trying to use DH's digital SLR, tho' I am getting better but I do miss my little point and shoot camera as it was so easy to have in my bag/take everywhere. I may get it mended so will get a quote and see if not will ask for a new one for my birthday later in the year. In the meantime I need to learn how to use the big one!

I have managed some Layouts from my first ever Shimelle class that I loved and can't wait to do another one! I have also made several cards so will get round to blogging pics at some point. I have missed keeping up with all your blogs as I felt so many of you were my friends as I had daily insights into your world. I am trying to get back on track and keep up and also think it will help me to blog through some of the experiences as writing things down has always been a helpful therapy for me and hopefully it will mean I won't need to access any real therapy as I do feel I am getting rather anxious at times. Reading your posts also is a form of therapy for me as the insights and creativeness are just what the doctor (or independant prescriber!) ordered!

So I will make more of an effort to blog....... I hope xxx


  1. Wow - you have a lot going on at the mo. No wonder you can sometimes feel anxious although I love being busy I reach a point where it all just gets too much. Good luck on your course. I work part time in a pharmacy and contemplating doing the next NVQ as I enjoy what I do but it wont actually make any diff. to my job - only poss. offering job security if my boss sells to a bigger chain??? hmmm a bit more thought needed - ((hugs))

  2. It certainly sounds as if you have a lot on your plate at the's enough to make anyone anxious! I'm sending you best wishes for your biopsy results

    Thanks for dropping by on the blog hop. Yes, I'm a big fan of Madeleine! My daughter and I have a bit of a collection and enjoy making clothes and picking them up on ebay.

  3. Lovely to catch up with you again - I'm sorry to hear about the worries though, all the best with those results xx

    And I'm sure we'll do another blog hop in a little while, you'd be very welcome to join in :-)

  4. Goodness, you do have a lot on your plate, just now. Like Mel, I'm sorry to hear about all your worries and wish you a speedy recovery.

  5. Couldn't just read and run. Thanks for such an honest post, it really made me think, much more so than the lighthearted stuff we normally see on blogs. I wish you well and I can sympathise with your husband being away, mine is working in China. It is hard but Skype does help (a little). Glad to see that creativity helps you, it helps me too. x

  6. You are going to be busy busy busy. Hope your DH likes Worcester - I spent 3 years there while at university and loved it - probably because it was still quite close to home. You have your holiday to look forward to though - the Black Isle is a stunning area - and you will pass through Elgin where I live when you travel the A96 between Inverness and Aberdeen. Shout if you want to stop for a cuppa!!! Take care.

  7. wow it sounds like u have been having a tough and busy time. i am sending u loads of love and empathy from somerset. i can understand the pressure of university courses as i have done several and the nurse prescribing course is not an easy one. i did the old style course as part of my health visiting degree and a pharmacology course as part of my first degree.............dont ask. sorry to hear about the skin biopsy, hope the news is good and that treatment and prognosis are fast and positive. i have no idea personally what it is like to send ur hubby off for the week but as a child my dad did that alot for work so know it is a huge challenge. it made weekends more funpacked but tiring and yes getting to the station by 5.15 am sounds awful, however the thought of having £10.00 to spend on yourself i am sure make up in part for that.
    keep your chinup and i will thinking and praying for u. there will be some LOs and bits i made at scrapamia to come over the next few days so maybe u can get some inspiration and just fun reads on ur bloghops,
    Love Jo xxxx

  8. Hi Ruth, Thank you for finding the time to post, I'd missed you & wondered how things were going. I'm not surprised you get anxious from time to time you have had a very busy time lately especially with DH away during the week. Hope things settle down and you manage to find a bit more 'me' time. Take care (((Hugs))) x

  9. Oh furry, no surprise blogging has taken a backseat. Sending you huge positive thoughts and hugs and if you want a friendly ear, mine are all yours xxx