Wednesday 16 June 2010

Shimelle's summer class

I just popped onto Shimelle's blog and realised she is offering an early bird discount for her next class!
It starts on July 5th and runs for 4 weeks and is about photography and scrapbooking.
All the details aren't released/revealed as yet and if you want to wait and see the information in full you will miss out on the discount.
I did her last class and it was really inspiring with fellow students from all around the world, who were just amazing!
Needless to say I have jumped right in and paid my £12, as, if it is anything like the last class it will be money well spent.
Why not look for yourself at Shimelles blog here and join the class with me?? Or have you already signed up for the next Shimelle spectacular?? Let me know I love to 'see' people I 'know' in class!


  1. I signed up, I've loved all of the classes I've taken with Shimelle, except the last one--something from nothing. I was very unmotivated for that one. :(

  2. Have signed up...see you there!!

  3. Hold on. I'm just awaiting the go ahead from Shimelle, but you might be able to win a free place on my blog later today or tomorrow

  4. I would love to join in. But i think with my new DT position,im going to be struggling for time :O(
    Glad to see your still loving Scrapbooking Fluffy xx

  5. Ooh fluffy pop to MSE CARDS.. Youve just won 2nd prize on my flower making challenge :o) xx