Thursday 5 April 2012

Family 12x12 blog hop April 2012

Oh dear I am really late to the party this month! I signed up for the blog hop then completely forgot about it! I am just home from work so please forgive me....

Thank you Margie for hosting the family photo blog hops, it really is a great reminder to capture the four of us together and so far this year I have been keeping up yay!

Hopefully you should have arrived here via Patricia's blog, in case you get confused this is the way to hop (very appropriate for Easter ... a hopping bunny!)




Jo (she will post late, so be sure to check back)

In March we visited Denbies Wine Estate, an amazing English vineyard set in the Surrey countryside. The geology is similar to the Champagne region and the estate produces award winning wines of an exceptionally hight standard. We had a wine tasting tour, which was interesting and informative (though the children only had grape juice!) and we bought a few bottles of the wonderful wine to consume at home!

As we left I took a photo of the 4 of us amongst the vines, not a brilliant shot but the best I have for March.

I am now off to catch up with everyone else's March family photos and I hope you do too xxx


  1. Nice to see you all together!

  2. Sounds like a good day out!
    Alison xx

  3. Hard to believe this is England, with those vines and the blue, blue sky! Lovely photo of you all ...

  4. Great shot - we very rarely get one of the three of us and should do it more.

  5. Beautiful photo and thank you for taking my speaking out day so seriously! It has been amazibg to see the words of encouragment in so many places x

  6. Hi! Enjoyed the picture and the theme....
    I've never made such a lovely tour! I hope one day we will have this pleasure! :)
    I had problems with internet and posted late my picture! :(
    See you next month!

  7. What a great memory! Looks like a wonderful trip. Sorry I am late to comment but I was hit with a terrible cold right after visitors in town for spring break. I'm feeling a little better today. Thanks for participating!

  8. Lovely post!
    Re your comment on my blog about the pear recipe, you leave the skins on the pears. For the 2nd batch I made I used a pink skinned pear and it really looked lovely when it was cooked! But the green one worked just as well. Next I plan to try it with apple ...

  9. Sounds like a wonderful outing for you all.

  10. Running late this month. Love the perspective in this photo - thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. I like this photo because it captures a lot of the place as well as your family all together!

  12. So good to catch up with you - at long last - my lovely friend. My ruffles and I have missed you terribly.

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments, cards and thoughts while I've been gone xxx