Saturday 5 May 2012

Family 12 x 12 blog hop May 2012

Wow how quickly is this year passing me by! (Have I said that every month so far???)

Anyway one of the things I have really enjoyed being part of is Margie's  family blog hop,  It is sooo important to me to get a photograph of the four of us together because just as 2012 passes quickly so do my children's child years and I don't want to miss a thing!

In April we had a French exchange student staying with us and she wanted a picture of the whole family so I asked her to take one on my camera too and this was the result.

A typical weekend with DS still in his PJ's, chilling at home!

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  1. What a cute photo of y'all on a typical day at home. Great job keeping up with these each month!!

  2. Wonderful! These casual photos that seem so insignificant today, are the ones we remember with fondness a decade from now. Photos are still magical. I'm so glad to have you join in and I love that your exchange student took the photo. That must have been an exciting experience!

  3. Great photo of the 4 o you - still not managed it this month :-(

  4. Wonderful photo of your family on a typical day.

  5. What a great idea to purloin the services of others when the opportunity arises! You all look so happy and relaxed ...