Tuesday 5 June 2012

family x 12 June Blog Hop

I am so sorry I totally forgot to finish this post and set it to pop up in time for the blog hop organised by the wonderful Margie here.

We try to get together once a month on the 5th to share our family (whatever you want family to be!) photo.  For June we have the biggest group yet joining in sharing photos on the blog hop which is really exciting. Hopefully you came to me from Jo and will hop onto Jill next (see the list below!)

June 5 FAMILY x 12 Blog Hop Participant List

Margie         http://xnomads.typepad.com/blog
Jo             http://www.mrsbeee.blogspot.com
Jill           http://jillconyers.com

May was a bit of a non-starter for family photos so I panicked and took a photo at the very last moment on 31st May!  DD said there was no way she was showing her face in any photo so we went for a rather bad back-of-head-on-self-timer-shot......

Not one that I am very proud of!  I did find a much happier and fun pic from April, on the beach in Dorset which I much prefer.....

I am off to catch up with all the other photographs from May, enjoy June's blog hop xxx


  1. Although the second one is great....I also quite like the silhouette effect of the first one.

  2. Your photo made me smile! The silhouettes look great but I love the story. Teens are so hard to get in front of the camera.

  3. Lovely to see your family pic. Which Dorset beach were you at, as I live on the Dorset border? :) Love the silhouettes too!

  4. Sweet photo. My photos too often are of the back of peoples heads!

  5. The silhouettes are cool. My family drives me crazy! It's just one group shot a month. Is that too much too ask? Oh and endless shots for Project Life too :)