Wednesday 2 January 2013

Starting a diet???

Well, it is that time of year when we make resolutions and try to get a bit healthier. On Facebook I have joined a group called 'fit for fun' some of you may also be members, it is already making me think through what I can do to try and get healthier, improve my eating, losing weight and maybe just maybe doing some excersise!
I hate exercise!  In the last 2 years we have had 3 broken bones and several serious injuries as a direct result of sport/exercise so sometimes it is definitely better for you to be a couch potatoe!  Having said that I know all the health benefits of exercise and wish there was something I enjoyed doing.  No way am I going to a gym and classes make me nervous as I always wear the wrong outfit and always do the wrong moves! Using Wii Fit has been suggested and maybe I could give this a go in the privacy of my own home as no-one will see the old tee shirt and leggings neither will they notice when I get the steps wrong (or slip off the balance board!)

What to do about healthy eating???  Anything is healthier compared to my diet in the last month with several meals out and lots of naughty goodies! If motivated I can usually do quite well with cutting out treats during the week ie being fairly strict, but relaxing my rules at the weekend so I can have cheese or chocolate or a glass of wine if fancied.  I find that if I am not allowed something to eat I begin to crave it so it doesn't work for me.  There has been some discussion of the 5:2 diet which is 2 days of eating only 500 calories and 5 days of eating normally (but not going mad!).  I think this might work for me so I looking at it a bit more closely.... have you ever heard of it??  Have you tried it? Or have you found something else works for you? I would be interested to hear your views.


  1. I definately want to lose weight and get fitter this year.
    I do find the Slimming World plan works quite well for's healthy eating....and eating plenty as well....I can't bear feeling hungry all the time...and I want something that's long term and not a quick fix. I've read about the 5:2 diet....and may try a 5:1 myself!!
    I also hate exercise.....but need to do I think exercise is probably the's why most people weren't overweight in the past....despite appalling diets.

  2. I started Slimming World in November - everyone said I was daft to start it before Christmas. But on Christmas Day I was a stone lighter than I had been :) I have put on a few pounds so am now back onto the diet. I start a kickboxing class again this weekend and am going to try and walk more in order to shift the weight. I have heard about the 5:2 diet but not really looked into it too much.

  3. A Very Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope 2013 turns out to be everything you want and more. I'm not much of a one for exercise, so I'm cheering you on from the (quite far away) sidelines lol!!

  4. I totally agree on the whole, if its banned I want it more, which is why I do WW, I work out the points of the naughty foods and work them into the day .... I have the points of most cadbury bars memorised ;)

  5. Ha, I like K's comment that she has cadbury bar calories memorised! I'm about to start on a diet, I never start until the 21st of January, as my husband's birthday is 19th January, so we spend the first two weeks of January eating all the Christmas chocolates that are left over! And then on the 20th there's always left over birthday cake... So tomorrow here I go! I do the Rosemary Conley diet as it works for me, similar to others you can work out calories for treats and build up your allowance so you aren't banning yourself completely. And for exercise I go jogging or I do a Davina workout DVD! x