Sunday 10 February 2013

family 12 x 12 blog hop

I know I have already shared this photo with you but this is the only one of all the family taken in January so it is coming out again for todays blog hop.

Taking a monthly family photo can be a challenge, everyone is busy with work, school, friends and outside activities plus I have 2 children now that don't seem to want a photo taken!! But it is definitely worth persevering and I know in years to come we will all look back at these photos and smile. I also know that there are bigger changes coming when they will be apart from us for longer as they become more independent and at some point leave home (hopefully to go to University!)  So it is soooo worthwhile to take these monthly shots and I am grateful to Margie for organising us throughout the year.  Please feel free to join us as I think you will find it fun.

This month our group is:-


please hop round to visit everyone and forgive us if our timings are a little out as we are an international group in different time zones and I am always getting it wrong!!


  1. Well, family together.... a lot of fun!
    I enjoyed this photo and the idea for a future.... specially after they go to the university.... what an emotion!!!

  2. It's a fun photo - worth sharing as many times as you like!! :)

  3. I love it! Such a great photo full of happiness, good times & love. I'm so happy you continue to join us despite the challenges. The last couple of months have been hard for me too, thus my family is missing a member this month. But, it is better than nothing and next month we'll do better and like you said in the end we will have lots of cherished family photos!

  4. Yes, it's definitely worth the effort - keep it up.

  5. these photo will be a treasure in years to come! x

  6. It is indeed such a great idea and I am sure it will be lovely to spot the differences as the years go by. Lovely to see all the happy smiling faces ...