Saturday 6 July 2013

5 in 5 July

I met Sandie in real life back in March when we went for a Bloggers weekend away and we even managed a quick meet up in Surrey a few weeks ago.  Now Sandie is a very talented lady and  I think she has many crafty inspirational ideas up her sleeve, 5 in 5 is the first of many (I hope!)

The idea is simple (which is probably why it appeals to a simple person such as myself!) all you have to do according to Sandie  is......

1. Choose a location. 
2. Have your camera ready.
3. Set a mobile timer for 5 minutes.
4. Take as many photos you can until the time is up.
5. Choose 5 photos to download and share them via a link on Sandie's blog.

told you it was simple!

So today, whilst feeling lethargic in the heat I grabbed my camera, strolled into the garden and set the timer on my mobile phone and snapped away. I actually didn't take as many photographs as I thought I would and I deleted a lot of them but these are my 5 favourites, taken from the plant pots on the patio......

As I uploaded these pictures, I realised they all have something in common... they all seem to feature purply pinky flowers.... there are other colours in the plant pots but I was obviously drawn to these in the short time that I had.

I think this is going to be a great challenge to complete each month, if you would like to join in please visit Sandie's blog itchifingers to read more information and add your snaps to the linky tool.


  1. These make a lovely collection together - and similarity of shapes too. Looks a challenge you are going to enjoy!

  2. Yay! Happy dancing here Ruth! You are the first to post on my challenge using the linkytool which not only makes me VERY excited but also means you will be receiving a give away as my thank you!
    I love your photos and did notice the colour theme. I also noticed the beautiful textures. I love alum flowers (the purple was an alum wasn't it?!). Glad you had an excuse to go take photos in your garden today Ruth, and I have really enjoyed seeing them. Thank you for taking part.

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  4. Oh I love flower photos. You have a similar taste in colours to me. My pots are all these shades this year. This looks like and interesting photo meme - so off to investigate. J x

  5. I really like Sandie's meme, too. I'm thinking about it.

  6. I have a fair few purple flowers as well....a good garden colour,I think.

  7. They are lovely pictures, I love all the purple! :)

  8. I like the shapes in these photos and what a fun challenge! I will have to have a look.

  9. Love your flower photos Ruth especially the last one! I'm going to join in this challenge too! Mary x

  10. Great DOF in these photos Ruth x