Monday 17 February 2014

Miniowner's February Sketch Challenge

Miniowner has another sketch challenge on her blog here for February.

Initially I wasn't sure how to use the sketch but I ended up turning it on the side and making my page

I have ended up with a lot of 'white space' to the right of the photographs but I felt like adding anything else would probably be a step too far in altering the sketch so I have let it simple but sparkly with gold mist and stars!


  1. I love how you have taken my sketch and made it your own - it does work well that way round. Please don't worry about straying too far from the original - the sketch is merely a starting point. A super page. Thanks so much for joining on my challenge,
    Sue @ Me&Mine xx

  2. It's always interesting to turn a page sideways rather than just see it as it is. Loving the sparkle!

  3. I like your sideways angle on this sketch too - and sparkle is such a subtle way to tie in an expanse of 'white' space.

  4. First off: I'm coming to your house so we can go visit Harry Potter - I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. Harry Potter.
    Second: What great layouts... love all your inspiration too (sketches, color schemes) and how your made them yours. Awesome! You Go Girl!
    Third: How did you like the new Shimelle class? I was going to take it and then, of course, family stuff came up. Just wondering what you think... it's it new and different?

  5. Simple is good...I like how you've used the sketch x

  6. You're on a roll. Love your take on the sketch