Saturday 8 August 2009

Wishes do come true!!

If you look back to my post on 17th July I did a wish list as part of the '8' lists.

Top of my wish list was a job for hubby and he started a job this week!!! I had not actually discussed his lack of job on any public forum, though close friends and family obviously knew. He is self employed and contacts had been pretty thin on the ground but after 4 months and 5 interviews he is back in the land of the employed!! YIPPEEE!!!

Number 2 on my wish list was a cuttlebug and I have also got one of these now!! I was paid twice as much as usual, apparently I was owed some money in arrears (what a great surprise!!) so I treated myself!! As you can see I have already used it on a couple of thank you cards.

My new toy is being put to good use and I hope to get some more embossing folders and some dies to try soon!

As a final note just wanted to say don't give up on your dreams as I am living proof that wishes really do come true xxx


  1. Congratulations to your hubby! My OH has just found a job after being temping since September! Such a relief!

    Wish my work would tell me that they owe me some money!!

  2. Brilliant news Furry, I am thrilled for your OH!!! Cuttlebug is a fab treat x