Sunday 11 October 2009


I also have to confess to my latest distraction! I became completely addicted and unable to concentrate on anything else. Now I am on the road to recovery and fairly able to maintain the normal daily functions of everyday life! I have a clear insight and can confess as I am now free of the constraints of the addiction!

OK you have probably guessed what I have been up to, if not here is the evidence.....

I read them all really quickly and forgot about everything else! So no phone calls, no internet, no housework, no MSN no social life for several days! I have to apologise to those who are waiting for their September swops from Crafty Place but I have got everything organised and they will be in the post tomorrow I promise!! Sorry to Flourgirl, Dragonllew and Hels. I have finally got back to crafting and organising myself!

Now what to read next....????


  1. So they are good then! I am rubbish with reading, need to find the time as I love it but get too distracted with other stuff x

  2. Fabby!!! so glad you have finally read them!!!

    I have nearly finished them for the 3rd time round!!! ... I started again as soon as I finished them, and then did the same again lol.

  3. hahaha! That was so funny Rusty made me laugh put loud reading them 3 times in a row! Do you know somw bits off by heart???