Sunday 11 October 2009

I've been AWOL!!

Ok maybe not AWOL but definitely missing in action!!

I have been preoccupied with getting another year older (yep it was my birthday on October 3rd!!). I had a great day and was very spoilt I had 2 breakfasts made for me, lunch out at TGI Fridays (kids choice) and then in the evening I had about 20 people over for a 'camp reunion'. We all had a trip away for 2 nights under canvas, 8 adults and 11 children and it was a blast! I was official photographer and the evening meant a continuous slide show whilst eating and drinking (New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc anyone??)

I also got some crafty presents including 2 sets of nesties that I haven't tried out yet ( need to read up on how to put them through my cuttlebug) also got some fab piggy stamps again unused (insert embarrassed face here!!). I was really chuffed to get a whole bunch of hand made cards and here they are....

As you can see I had a few piggies! The one on the left is from Padster and on the right is one from Dragonllew. They are both more fabulous in real life and the attention to detail is amazing.This collection of handmade goodies came from Flourgirl and includes a card, a tea bag holder and a cross stitched piggy coaster!! Again you cannot see all the tiny embellishments including the pearl necklace and bracelet on the pig card!The top card is from The Wife and is actually a wallet with a lovely message tag inside. The card is absolutely gorgeous and double sided so it is also beautiful on the inside as well and so unusual. The cute Tilda card is from Choccie and it is immaculately coloured in shades of brown including the lace. I love brown so I was delighted!This card is by my talented daughter and is cleverly disguised as a gift! She also decorated it inside so more lovely papers!

As you can see, I was very lucky and was remembered by many people, both friends and family and I am grateful and thankful for everyones cards, gifts, bithday wishes and thoughts.

Thank you all xxx


  1. Wow Furry, beautiful cards and pressies. You deserve it, birthdays only come round once a year don't they x

  2. It was a absolute pleasure and aren't your card gorgeous.

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday Ruth, and lots of lovely cards too x

  4. thanks so much the wife and flourgirl I was very touched that you remembered me on my birthday (when I normally just try and forget!!!)