Friday 25 September 2009

Look what the postman brought me....

I feel very lucky this week as I have had my day brightened by super crafty deliveries all hand made and beautiful!

Firstly I have my prize that I came across on the Funky Fairies blog hop. This gorgeous card and papers (which also came with ribbons I forgot to put in the pic!) came from Lou over here. She made the fab Funky Fairy card and sent me enough supplies to make a minimum of 4 cards of my own using the cupcake range from Funky Fairies mmmm yummy! Thanks Lou xxx

I got a lovely card from Oonie thank you xxxI also received my ATC swop (plus a chrimbo card)from Flourgirl and I was stunned by the stitchwork it is amazing!! Molly wanted to know if she had made it with metal thread! I don't think the photo does it justice but it is beautiful and I hope she is not too disappointed with my sad effort that is as yet unsent!! (sorry and thanks Flourgirl xxx)Today I received my 'swing card' from Dragonllew. Again I am stunned as she has hand cut and crafted this amazing 3D card!! The picture is pretty appalling and I couldn't seem to catch it in the right light but it must have taken ages! Again I think Dragonllew has drawn the short straw having me as her swop partner especially as I haven't even started a scarey swing card yet!!!