Tuesday 22 September 2009

First days at school

Yep finally blogging first days at school, better late than never for me yet again! Mols started secondary school so we had to go out and buy all the uniform.... blazer, tie, house polo top, pe top, pe shorts, pe socks, skirt etc etc....

it looks much better on ......

though she looks a bit wonky and nervous in this pic! She was much happier when her friends arrived and they all left for school together (but not got permission from the other mums to put the girls on here yet!)

Els on the other hand remains at the same junior school and the only new things for him are his teacher and a new back pack and pencil case!! He is as cool and relaxed as ever as you can see...


  1. She looks very smart and grown up and your sun looks like a really cheecky chappy.

  2. Ruth, They look so grown up !!
    Hope you had a great first day at big school Molly.
    Els how smart you look also :O)

  3. They both look fab in their uniform, you must be sooo proud of them xxx