Tuesday 22 September 2009


Well autumn is officially here and I have been finding rather large spiders in the house for a few weeks now.... yikes!! Currently I have a huge one living in the lounge that has escaped death on several occasions.

This is one of it's friends that sadly (or not!!) is no more....

do you like spiders???


  1. Omg that's huge! I can deal with the tiny money spiders but that's it... x

  2. Errgghhh That would have me itching for days ufortunatley we get them that big too.

  3. I must say i do NOT like spiders !! But unfortunately neither to any of the men i live here with.... So yes of course its Super mum to the rescue !!..I get called ironmum too ( joys of my titanium rod in my leg lol )
    This year already . We have had a few that should be paying rent !! LOL

  4. I really don't like them either, I have to be brave in front of the boys and humanely release them back into the 'wild' i.e. chuck them out of the window ;-)