Wednesday 23 September 2009


What's on your workdesk Wednesday????
I am always trawling through blogs and currently follow (read that as stalk!) over 100! No wonder I can never do anything with my own blog I am too busy trying to keep up with everyone elses!! So I am sorry if I haven't visited yours for a while or not left a comment recently but life is full (with work, family, home etc etc) at the moment and I am trying!
Anyway today I came across this blog for the first time. I have seen WOYWW on numerous other blogs in the past and now I know where it all came from! Now, my desk is actually the dining table, needless to say unused for sometime! I am now losing things (can anyone tell me where my notepad is with all the christmas/birthday presents listed???). So I thought I would shame myself into getting organised by posting a pic on my blog so everyone could see. The idea being I am then very embarrassed and will get on and sort it out...TODAY!

It is hard to see that there is a table underneath and the clutter extends to beyound that area as the photo clearly demonstrates. On there at this moment is my x cut guillotine, piles of papers and card, boxes of craft items to put away/sort through and several items I plan to alter (note wooden box/candles/polystyrene cone!!) Obviously there is actually no room to craft anywhere at the moment and the light is terrible so I also have a box of bits that I use all the time in the lounge!! Shame on me!

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