Friday 25 September 2009

stitch and creative craft show Sandown Park

On Saturday Molly and I headed off to Sandown Park for a craft show. It was an easy drive, free parking and entrance was just over £6 for the 2 of us. Previously I have been to the NEC and this show was similar but on a smaller scale and not quite as busy. There were numerous stalls, many had people demonstrating their products and there were a couple of crafty class areas. It was at one of these that I spotted Amanda Bateman.

Amanda Bateman is a full time paper crafter and has been on TV doing demo's and tours the country doing shows and creating cards for others to make at tutorials. What most people won't know is that Amanda used to be a nurse and we used to work together back 'in the day' when we were both in London. She is actually Molly's Godmother though this was the first time they had seen each other for over 7 years. Needless to say we were very excited to see her and Molly and I immediately signed up for a class 'magic in a box'.
that is Amanda showing us how to use the template to create the box.
Then Molly concentrating as she cuts it out, she was great and didn't need any help and followed the instructions well (unlike 2 other ladies at our table who kept cutting things wrong and asking for more card!!)
These are the coloured vellums and papers Mols chose to decorate her box with.

This is my box, the accordian bit to go in the middle and the papers to decorate it. No surprise I chose brown which is the colour I wear nearly everyday! Sadly we run out of time and haven't managed to finish our boxes yet so will be posting an update when they are done!

We also did a speed crafting session which was great fun and I will take some pics of what we made and show them to you also.


  1. Oooh how exciting!! Bet you had a fab day - its a shame I couldn't get to go cos I was too busy! Can't wait to see the finished boxes! Bet they look lovely!

  2. cant wait to see more pics! the vellums look beautiful, and Molly has a great eye for matching colours.

  3. Ahh looks like you two had a lovely girlie day together.