Tuesday 22 September 2009

Growing in the garden

Hubby is in charge of the garden these days and this summer he did really well with growing tasty treats that we could/can pick and eat fresh on a daily basis.

We have had tomatoes (which only I eat and we get the young plants from my dad who grows loadsa veg/fruit in his huge garden). We grew the small French beans, potatoes and carrots for the first time. The beans were a huge sucess with a plentiful supply and everyone enjoying them, the potaotes were tasty but just not a bumper harvest and we are still hoping the carrots are going to grow larger than an inch (otherwise the rabbits may be having them!!)

There are no pics of the spuds sadly as I forgot to get the camera out! We also have a small cooking apple tree and it looks like there are plenty to pick to go with foraged blackberries from the hedgerows....

a supply of stewed fruit in the freezer goes down very well when made into crumble and served with custard yummy (shame I am back on the dieting wagon!!)
lost 3lbs last week, fat club on Thursday night will let you know how it goes (I am trying to be good!!)


  1. Well done you they look great we didnt have a very ood year for veg this year.Lots of toms though

  2. Ive had a fairly bad year for veg this year also. We had lots of tomatoes on just 1 plant ! Lots of spring onions. More lettuce than i knew what to do with.. Potatoes were enough for 2 meals to feed 6 of us, so good. My carrots were hillarious, also about 1 inch long..

    Lets hope for a better year next year ;O)

  3. I've not grown so much this year but we've had some good weather just lately and the peppers are just ripening. Anyone like chillies? I've had loads, even sent some to one of my sons as 'mum-aid'

  4. Huge well done!!! My toms were terrible this year. Grew potatoes for the first time and they were fab, as were my strawberries. Hope to grow more next year x