Sunday 1 November 2009

Halloween craftiness

Wow Halloween has come and gone and what a blast it was! We decorated the house inside and out and even managed a few crafty creations for the occassion. I hope these are okay to be entered into the altered container halloween challenge set by Rusty over on the Crafty Place.

These are luminaries made from jam jars with a face stuck on in black paper and covered in masking tape to look like 'mummys'. I came across this idea 3 years ago and made one then these 2 were made by Molly and I. They look much better with a lit candle inside and I left them outside the house last night to guide the trick or treaters to the door!

We hosted a Halloween party and the first game we play as people are arriving is to guess how many sweets are in a container. So this year I used 2 packs of tic tacs as the colours fit with a Halloween theme (orange and green). I came across 4 shot glasses for 12p in Sainsburys and decided to decorate one for this game and for the challenge. I have used die cuts of a ghost, witches hat (both from Oona thank u xxx) and a spider cut with the cuttlebug. It was then quickly wrapped up in orange cello, a halloween tag added and it was complete! Would you believe that one boy guessed the correct number exactly...74 go Charlie!!!


  1. love your shot glass idea and you've decorated it fabulously :) xx

  2. Those shot glasses are a great idea - I have loads of them kicking about the house when they come with various (alcoholic) presents. Hmmm.

  3. I love your mummies - hope you dont mind if I pinch your idea for next year!!