Sunday 8 November 2009

NEC part 2 'here come the girls'...

Wow lotsa piccies!! So starting from the top we have....

  1. from left to right, Mrs Tidge, Gemm, Hels and Skiergirl

  2. Rainmac and Rusty

  3. Jailhouse Babe

  4. Bun Bun

  5. Hels before

  6. Hels after (this was her 'hen night' and Rusty got the veil, balloons, L plate and all our 'wild girls' sashes to help her celebrate!!)

  7. Choccie Orange and Sylphraven

  8. the gang 1

  9. the gang 2

It was so fab getting together with everyone and I was just sorry we were unable to sit down and just chat for hours or even craft together!! If anyone fancies a trip 'down South' ever I'll find room round my table for some coffee and creating!

I have already started a sealed tin to save up for March 26th 2010 when hopefully we will all get together again, possibly with some new faces too, watch this space. Thank you Money Saving Expert as I feel truly blessed to count these wonderful ladies among my friends.


  1. What lovely pics! It is great to put faces to names - so glad you all had a fab time.

  2. Fab photos of a great day!!!