Monday 20 September 2010

Where have I been.......??

Well it's a long story! I got sidetracked by the summer holidays to begin with... we went away to Ashburnham Place with my parents, a beautiful house in wonderful grounds in Sussex nr Battle. Then we went to Scotland for 10 wonderful days staying in a stunning rural location and spending hours watching dolphin in their natural habitat and the best place to spot them in Europe! (I have lotsa phoptographs and may get round to sorting, blogging and scrapping them at some point!)

Then we returned to work/school routines and it took me a while to get into the swing of things again...can't believe this is the third week back already! I really miss the relaxed days of summer spent with the children with no set places to be by a specific time... thank goodness for weekends!

I have fallen behind with all my crafting, I owe about 30 cards (no exageration!) and need to catch up on DT work too. I am back at Uni and the work is piling up, I have lots of assignments to complete and not enough time as per usual! Hubby is still working away but his contract ends next week, it'll be great to have him home but need him to get another job. This is the last week of treatment for my basal cell carcinoma which I am so pleased about as I have had a fantastic response to the home treatment (cream 5 x per week for 6 weeks) but that also meant I have had every single side effect going!! I have felt really run down most of the time but I think it means my immune system has been stimulated into action so I should clear the skin cancer...yipee!

So I am back and going to try harder to keep up with you all there is so much to say...I'm off to Ally Pally this weekend for the craft show there and sooo looking forward to it. Hopefully I will report back here on all I see and spend!!


  1. Hope to see you at Ally Pally....a group of bloggers are meeting near the front coffee shop at about 12....maybe see you there.

  2. Lovely to hear from you :-) Good news about the treatment! And I hope you have a fab time this weekend xx

  3. Welcome back! Glad you had a great time in Scotland. Enjoy Ally Pally.