Wednesday 11 August 2010

A blog award

I am completely chuffed to bits as I have just been given this wonderful blog award from the very talented Rainmac! Thank you so much that has made my day.

I now have to do 5 things:-

1. Thank Rainmac for nominating me (see above!)

2. post the award (see above)

3. list 3 things you like about yourself ...mmm harder to do... lets go with.... my sense of humour (still gets me in trouble!), my honesty (don't always like that one!) and lastly I like that I still feel pain, worries, sadness, loss and happiness, joy, passion and all the other emotions that regularly make me cry (often embarrassing!)but show that I am still human!

4. post a picture I love ( it has to be of the children, but which one to chose??)

5. Pass the award onto 5 other bloggers ....Another hard one as there are so many I love, but here are my 5:-
I follow lots of blogs and would love to read them everyday if I could but I am always getting behind and running out of time, I would actually like to nominate several more people for this award so might just come back and do that when I have more time (I am tired and need to get up early as DS is playing footie at Wembley tomorrow WOW!)


  1. you win the looty on my blog, sweets xx
    Congrats x

  2. Thank you, that's lovely of you :-) Gorgeous pic of your kiddies! xx

  3. congratulations on your award... well dererved

  4. hows it going furball? miss you!! love the picture!