Monday 2 August 2010

Cards I have made

Scrapbooking is definitely my first papercrafting love at the moment but I still make cards to give to friends and family and I try to join in the card swop at Crafytplace when possible.

Here is a selection of a few of the cards I have sent in the past couple of months, I do often forget to take pics before I send them as I'm always in a rush to get things in the post... they rarely arrive on time, but I do try and make them specifically for the recipient!

What could be more specific than using someone's name?? I love these cute animal letter stamps from Penny Black and have used them on several cards.

My DS is Pokemon mad at the moment so I made this for his birthday in June, fortunately I chose one of his favourite Pokemons as the main design!

I was given this image to use after asking for an picture of a pregnant woman to use for a work mate who was going on Maternity Leave (thanks for coming to my rescue TM xxx). I was pleased with the end result as I am seriously one of the world's worst colouring in type people and even with Promarkers I still seem to make a hash of it!!
This is made using up scraps and embellishemnts and again I was pleased with how it turned out, though it is pretty simple (probably why I like it as I am a pretty simple kinda gal!)
A while ago I bought a wordbook kit from online and have used it for several 'milestone' birthdays though it is actaully designed for weddings. I would love to have either of the two new CD's from Funky Hand as not only can you make the word books but they also have lots of digi images and alphanumerals and they can be resized to suit each individual craft! Amazing!


  1. Some lovely cards there!

    I've just had a look at funky hand - now I want them too!!! xxx

  2. They are all great love the last one I have a funky hand cd must dig it out and use it.

  3. These are fab :-) The Children are into Pokemon too - though at the moment they're obsessed with Spore (*sigh*)

  4. amazing creations, cute images, I like scrapbooking better too at the moment

  5. a really fab selection of cards there furry! :) xx

  6. Lovely cards furry - think the 'wordbook' is my favourite. xx

  7. Great ATCs. Love the Pokemon card, it's so cool. Your other cards are stunning. Jaqui x