Sunday 1 August 2010

Cards I have been sent

I am so lucky to have friends that send me their own handmade cards, I treasure each and everyone of them especially those sent for no reason other than to brighten my day.

There is one particular person who always seems to know when I am at a low ebb and sends me a card and often another handcrafted item (or even chocolate!) to cheer me up, we have never met and maybe we never will, but she is one of life's special people who takes time out to make a relative strangers day a better one. I am very grateful to her and also sorry that I am a bit rubbish at reciprocating the wonderful things she does...but watch this space!!!
Here are a selection of some of the wonderful cards I have received in the last few months...
I love the sentiment on this card, it matches the image perfectly and look at the real tiny pegs that are used... too cute!

A pig, what more could a pig loving girl like Furrypig ask for!!

Yellow flowers are my absolute favourite so I loved this Spring themed card

This Sunshine card really brightened my day and I thought the use of glittered paper added that extra special touch to the sand.

I adored the whole Cherry thing that was going on in this card, from the stamp to the background paper, and the sentiment to the tiny red gem used to simulate a cherry! Where do these papers/sentiments/goodies come from I want them all!!!???
Thanks to everyone who has sent me one of your cards I haven't even got round to taking pics of them all but I have kept each and everyone xxx


  1. Gorgeous cards furry, I love the bear on a washing line, how absolutely adorable x

  2. Oh, gorgeous :-) I treasure handmade cards that are sent to me, too - they all get displayed on the mantelpiece for a while then I keep them in a special box and look at them often :-)

  3. Really nice idea for a blog post :)

  4. You lucky thing! Only my daughter Elysia (7) makes me homemade cards. I would be like you, and treasure them forever. xxx

  5. What a gorgeous collection of cards!