Saturday 4 December 2010

Journal your Christmas day 3

I am determined not to get behind with blogging JYC or I'll never catch up with my pages either! Yesterday the prompt was all about Christmas Cards. The thoughts of others about handmade versus shop bought CHristmas cards rang a few bells.

This is my 3rd Christmas making cards, the first year I only made 2, last year I made quite a few, this year the only cards I have made have been in response to DT work, although I have made more than one with several of the gorgeous digi stamps we have been given to work with. (see previous posts and tomorrows post)

I tend to think that most people just put their cards in the recycling at the end of 12th night and I hate to think of my own work going in the 'rubbish'. So I only send homemade cards to those I think will appreciate them (or ask me where their special card from me is!!). This actually equates to a few of my family and a few crafty friends. I have never thrown away any handmade cards I have been given in the last few years as I just love them! So the majority of the 80+ people I send cards to will get shop bought cards, usually purchased in the January sales if I am to be completely honest with you!

This prompt also made me think about the old, hard covered, non festive, orange, A to Z book that I use to keep track of all my Christmas cards. A couple of years ago I bought a 'special' Christmas card book, but it remains unused. I hate the idea of discarding the book that goes back to the era pre kids, with names of people I have loved and lost, people who were part of my life back then but now I have lost addresses and lost touch. It is a historical document in my own life journey and as such is a treasured part of Christmas. I confess to having a rule that if I don't receive a card from someone for 2 years then I don't send them one the third year! I have been known to reinstate people!!

I look forward to hearing your take on this prompt about Christmas cards and have got to make my page (I have so far only made the page for Dec 1st!) but will be looking on the forums again soon as there is so much inspiration there though sometimes it makes me feel a bit inferior if I'm honest as I really don't have that talent but I am learning and loving it all!


  1. Just caught up on your recent posts :-) What cute Christmas cards! I was really struck by your post on World Aids Day, too, very powerful xx

  2. We have a notebook like that too - it's a bit sad now that some of the names are no longer with us, but I still bring it out every year and put ticks beside the ones I've sent in different colour pens.