Monday 5 March 2012

Family 12x12 blog hop March 2012

Time for the March family x 12 blog hop hosted by Margie... where has that month gone???

February included a family holiday for a week in Suffolk with my parents. We had really variable weather including snow.....

that's us on Dunwich beach, I don't think I can remember being in the snow and on the beach ever before!! Can anyone guess what we are trying to spell?? They wouldn't pose long enough for me to get a better shot!

We also saw some sunsets......

although it was still cold and not long after this photo was taken we found that the car battery was flat and we had to get help! By then it was pitch black and we were cold and damp in a car park in the middle of nowhere!

I think this is my favourite family shot for February

This 'Bronze' is titled 'the Family of Man', is by Barbara Hepworth and is found in the grounds of Snape Maltings, The photo was taken by my Dad and I have an alternative version where he stands in the same spot as me!

My post layout is not quite going to plan (I blame blogger!!) so I do apologise but hope that you will continue hopping round visiting all the other family photographers this month


Thanks for visiting today and I hope to see you for April's family x 12 blog hop (please contact Margie if you would like to join in)


  1. Wow, great family shots Ruth. I like them all, but I agree the last one is fabulous! Looks like it was a good month.

  2. Love the final shot - what an amazing sculpture!
    No idea what you are spelling out ... something ending "we" ?

  3. I got the ending in 'we' bit too, but am stumped for the rest! That last shot is great!
    Alison xx

  4. That word was of course Y M C A - I can hear you singing it now lol!

    The land of my middle years - Suffolk is great to visit for a holiday but awful to live in as you can't actually get anywhere as there is no local word for Motorway LOL xx

    1. Great pictures - am ashamed to say that I have never noticed that sculpture at Snape and I go there often to deliver to the Gallery. I shall make time next trip to wander about a bit more! xCathy

  5. These are wonderful family photos!! Love the shadow photo...very cute. But the last one is my favorite. Glad you joined in again this month.

  6. Love the idea of guessing the word. Maybe "live"?
    Well, I have never been to the beach and have snow! Interesting! :)
    Loved the family pictures!

  7. I stopped by to say thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am so glad I did too! I love your photos! You have a new follower! :)

  8. Awesome ideas for family shots!

  9. Super photos! I especially like the last one ... I failed miserably to guess the word. :(

  10. Love your family photo in the sculpture. That looks like so much fun!

  11. Those are wonderful photos and I am partial to the last one too :)