Saturday 24 March 2012

It's party time!!! International Virtual Pot Luck Blog Hop!

Hullo and welcome to my blog, I guess you are travelling around the globe visiting all these amazing bloggers and their tasty treats. So far you should have had your drinks/appetizers, your soups/salads, your sides/main dishes and now you are on to desserts (aka sweets/puds/cake all things naughty and yummy!!). Hopefully you arrived here from Stephanie.
Here is the complete list in case you missed anyone or have got a wee bit lost with all the international jet setting!


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This blog hop was organised by the wonderful Deb at Paper Turtle over in Arizona USA, please take time to look at her blog as it is an inspiration. I am addicted to her posts and her beautiful photography and love her dedication to her family (big Hi to Marti!). I wish we were all eating, drinking and chatting together as it would be a great party. Instead I am helping a friend at a jumble sale for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and this evening I am at a fundraising event for my son's scout group... it's bingo night!
I was going to amke the easiest ever Key Lime Pie recipe that my friend gave me but instead I have made chocolate refrigerator cake for Deb's party and I am taking the left overs to the bingo. I chose this recipe as my mum used to make something similar and we called it chocolate crunch. It made an appearance at all church teas and lots of celebrations.
I like it as it uses store cupboard ingredients that are readily available, it is simple to make and easily transportable.....

firstly I took a packet of digestive biscuits (400g) I think these are similar to Graham Crackers but I have made this recipe with any biscuits/cookies I have to hand in the past

I placed the biscuits in a plastic bag and bashed them with a wooden rolling pin

To a saucepan I added 175g of butter (margarine will do), 250g of golden syrup and 500g of dark chocolate (I have used a mixture of dark and milk before)... boy half a kilo of chocolate!!

heat gently and stir until melted

add 300g of dried fruit, I have used a mixture of sultanas and cherries as this is what I had in the cupboard but you can use anything or substitute some for nuts or marshmallows

stir the biscuits and dried fruit into the melted choccy mix then place in a lined tin and leave overnight in the fridge to harden

the next day chop the choccy fridge cake into pieces and enjoy

Obviously I had to sample my cooking before offering it to you, mine is served with a cup of tea in my patriotic mug, in my sunny English spring garden.

It has been lovely to have you here today and I hope you will pop over to visit again, enjoy the blog hop next up is Margaret. I hope to be able to visit everyone at the party this weekend, enjoy it wherever you are and thank you for having me Deb xxx


  1. Wow! That looks deliciously chocolatey. A friend at college used to make something similar, but with cocoa powder rather than melted chocolate.
    I happen to have a packet of Digestives in the cupboard that got dropped when we unpacked the shopping. Guess what I'll be doing with them?!

  2. You have a busy day, thanks for having us over :) That looks decadently rich, like fudge so I am sure the Chosen One would love it. I might just surprise him with some this week!

  3. Hi Ruth ~ Thanks so much for participating in my blog hop today, and also for your kind words. :o) Your dessert made my mouth water and I can't wait to try this recipe! You're right - digestive biscuits are like graham crackers for us in the US and I happen to have some in my cupboard...

    Thanks for having us over today! I'm off to Margaret's... xo

  4. Oh, yes, I'll be trying this recipe out! Great party!

  5. I love choccy crunch fridge cake - its not a proper potluck without some

  6. Lovely photo - another to try. Enjoy your party :0)

  7. I think I'll need to make this for my craft group next week! Yummy!

  8. Oh man...that looks SO tasty!! I must say, I've heard that digestive biscuits were the same as graham crackers, but I'd never seen one until I saw your picture. Probably taste similar but look totally different - graham crackers are square! Thanks for sharing - wish I could really try a piece! :)

  9. Now that's my kind of baking! I love the different textures you get in a mouthful of this. Yum.

  10. That looks delicious.....will definately be trying it.

  11. Wow! Looks so yummy - kindof a cross between brownies and fudge.

  12. Any recipe that involves chocolate is a hit in this house so I will definately be trying this one.

  13. This sounds wonderful and the kind of thing that would be a big hit with my family, thanks for sharing!

  14. I love tray-bakes...I used to love coffee mornings just to try out all the different ones! This one looks delish!
    Alison xx

  15. Yes, this is my kind of baking too - I LOVE this recipe ... will have to think of an excuse to make it now ......! :-)

  16. Oh my! Chocolate heaven, and pretty easy to do as well! TFS!

  17. This is perfect!! Definitely one to make:)

  18. I would like this right now. It looks so good.

  19. I know this comment is late - I was in Las Vegas - just wanted you to know how yummy this recipe is :o)