Sunday 28 April 2013

Pass the page blog hop

Welcome to my blog, I hope you are enjoying the celebrations as we play pass the page in honour of Julie's 2 year blog birthday!!  Hurrah!!

Congratulations on blogging for 2 years Julie and thank you so much for inviting me to take part as I really, really enjoyed it and I hope all the people watching and hopping today will have fun. I for one can't wait to see how the page started out and what it looks like now as it has completed it's journey.

Everyone taking part today got together at a wonderful bloggers weekend back in March (except Jo who was poorly and missed by us all) for a reminder of the original participants......

The list for those joining in today is..............
Miss Smith         
Missus Wookie  

Hopefully you have come here via Fay's blog.  I met Fay for the first time in March in 'real' life and got to see her fabulous scrapbook pages in the flesh (or is it in the paper??).  I really love her style and admired all that I saw.  Fay is very talented and very creative making many of her own embellishments as showcased on the recent UKS bloghop (Fay is a teamie over at UKS).

Anyway, I was dead chuffed to be following her on the blog hop and this is the page I received....

I loved the page!!  I looked and saw she had used grid paper with a 'messy stack' under a single portrait photo.  The main colours were pink and grey but there was also brown, green and orange. There are lots of words in 3 different areas including the journalling which is all handwritten.  All the papers are patterned and at least one has been cut with a border punch.  There is Fay's trademark swirly twine and some gorgeous embellishments (hearts, flowers, stars and banner shapes).

As many of you are aware I am loving scrapping photographs taken at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and decided to use one of my son on the bridge.  I kept fairly close to Fay's original page but changed the colour scheme making it more brown green and orange as the pink and grey didn't go with my picture.  Normally I wouldn't probably use all patterned papers but I did for this page and rather like it, I also used twine though I kept it straight to reflect the horizontal lines in the original..

I loved the page I made so was really happy to have scraplifted Fay and it also meant I didn't feel too embarrassed passing a page onto the uber scrapper Jemma (Jemma is the equivalent to scrapping Royalty and I was totally in awe when I met her for the first time in 2011 as I had been following her blog and gazing adoringly at so many of her LO's! Luckily we made firm friends and she took me under her wing as I needed a lift both from the station and up from my low levels of confidence in my scrapping abillity!!)

So please follow the page as it passes to Jemma and I will be following it with you!


  1. I really like the colour pallette in your layout.

  2. It is so fascinating to see how this is morphing! And what is still being passed on in the design. Your take is very pretty with those little hearts and stars picking up the original diagonal line and all that lovely layering. Grand job! Off with you to visit the Queen :).

  3. This looks great, I am enjoying seeing all of the little tweaks x

  4. You can certainly hold your own with this LO!

  5. I really like the colours you chose. Yes pink and gray definitely wouldn't have gone with your picture.

  6. Great job, Ruth! the addition of the big shelf along the bottom!
    Alison xx

  7. What a great page....I'm loving seeing all your Harry Potter pages.

  8. Thanks for the glowing report!! You've made a fantastic page and are a great scrapbooker xx

  9. I'm such a big fan of patterned paper of course I'm going to love what you've done with this!

  10. Oooo look, a Harry Potter page, lol. That is going to be such a fab album.
    Well done on stepping out of your comfort zone & using the PPs.

  11. That is a great page Ruth! I love how you lifted lots of elements and still made it very much your own. The clean design appealed to me and I loved the photo - it really stood out and suited the layout.
    Don't doubt your own ability Ruth. I did a training course last week and learnt about leaders and followers. I was really boosted by learning that followers are JUST if not more important, as otherwise leaders would have no one to influence. And once a follower steps in, others also follow and create a movement. The Leader can not do this on their own. So - celebrate your part in this movement created here and be very proud of what you have achieved. It has certainly inspired me :)

  12. Great advice there Sandie!!!
    As K says this album is growing to be fabulous. Love the layered papers and the magical stars to fit your theme. A beautiful page to scraplift and close enough to my non-inky style to keep me in my comfort zone ;-).

  13. I've arrived here via Julie's blog hop trail, having heard about it earlier this week on Sian's, Alexa's, and Alison's blogs. I think your post is the first time I learned that this collaboration came about as a result of your IRL meetup with everyone. How cool is that?

    I really like the colors you used--they contrast very nicely with your photo.

  14. Yes, thank-you for including the group photo in your post. It was something I meant to include but as usual I was trying to squeeze the blogging in before bedtime!
    I love this page and introduction of the grounding strip. We still have the messy stack, border punch, circular embellishment and stars. This is where we lost the border.
    Thanks for joining in the celebration.

  15. I missed being there too, next time.
    I really love the simplicity of your layout because that photo has alot on gothic features. I think all the colours work really well with the Harry Potter theme of the photo too. I like the lil stars placed strategically and can't wait to see more HP layouts soon,
    Jo xxxx

  16. love the colours you have used on this lovely LO

  17. I love that I can recognise Fay's layout yet this is still very much your own - and it's fab :)

  18. Like how this echoes the previous page, but is still different.

  19. Ruth - I like the way you've taken aspects from Fay and made them your own. Nice colour combo and the touch of twine is a bit of texture.

  20. It's such a great scrap lift, you've added your own special touches to it

  21. What a brilliant take on this! I"m really enjoying the hop.

  22. Lovely page. I love the matting behind your photo.

  23. Great page, love the colours & the twine makes a great effect. x

  24. I love all the details on your page. I am late to this hop but am enjoying each version..a great hop x

  25. How lovely that you blogging friends met up! That must have been a wonderful event!
    What a wonderful photo to choose for your part of the hop, & your style is fabulous! Love your matting & is so important!