Sunday 12 May 2013

NSD almost finished Shimelle's 24 challenges.....

I only have 4 challenges left to complete and have had a great time scrapping all week (though no pages were made on Thursday or Friday as I ran out of time!).

The first of these challenges that I tackled was to 'write a letter' something I haven't done before on a scrapbook page.  I really loved Shimelle's idea of writing to a place, so I wrote a short letter to Antigua. 'using repetition' ...

Sticking with the Antigua photographs, I made my first ever divided page using 'divided page protectors'.  I have already made 3 12x12 pages of the day we went snorkelling and swimming from the boat so adding these to the album like this seems like a great alternative to more of the same.  I think I may need to tweak it slightly but overall I am happy with it.  On the reverse side I have all underwater photos that really didn't turn out that well.  Probably not great for a scrapbook page but once I have embellished the pages a bit they will look fine in the divided page and the memories are preserved. (journalling added post photography!)

So 23 out of 24 challenges completed and only one more to go...... I will be back soon.......


  1. Love the calm serenity of that page,Ruth.

  2. Almost finished? I think I have some catching up to do!
    Very cool and calming pages.

  3. gorgeous colours, gives such a serene feeling.

  4. Love the colors in this one - of all your fantastic layouts (and there are so many), this is my favorite!

  5. Yu are really steaming ahead with these challenges! That is a lovely relaxed page with all those moodily blues ...

  6. You are just doing so well with your challenges and you've got lovely pages to show for it