Sunday 19 May 2013

onwards and upwards part 3

The final challenge on Jennifer's blog event was 'free as a bird' and although I made a few cards as shown on a previous post, I had to scrap this theme too.

The first page I made is of a pelican just floating serenely on the beautiful waters of Antigua, I journalled about being as free as a bird.

Hummingbird features an amazing bird that was so difficult to take a photograph of but was wonderful to see  in real life.

Finally I scrapped a photo taken on the first real sunny day this year 20th April when I just lay in the garden gazing up at the clear, cloud free sky and wondering what it would be like to soar like a bird.

Thank you Jennifer for a great weekend of inspiration I still have loads of ideas on my list to try and I cannot wait to join you in your new class, Projects that Wow, in June (for more details see here) xxx


  1. very inspiring layouts Ruth x

  2. I especially like that top one, Ruth, with those lovely soft overlapping blues ... You have been very productive!

  3. These are all lovely. I think the first is my favorite.

  4. More beauties! I love the soft blues on the first page, the overlapping borders on the second page, and the simple but lovely title on the last page. 'Soar' says it all.

    I am so glad I inspired you to do lots of crafting! Thanks so much for entering all the challenges, it's been amazing to see your projects! x

  5. You HAVE been busy!...beautiful layouts!
    Alison xx

  6. You have your own personal style. The layouts are beautiful and inspiring. I especially like the second one with the hummingbird and the textures you have chosen for it. In all of the layouts the colors and textures match harmonious with the pictures. Nice work! Keep it this way!

    Online PhD UK by Linda Hoskins